Fsus Guitar Chord: 10 Easy Ways To Play

The Fsus guitar chord refers to Fsus4 or Fsus2. If that is not specified, it is safe to assume the chord is Fsus4. Fus4 has the notes F, B, and C. It replaces the A in the F major chord. Fsus2 has the notes F, G, and C. In this case, the 2nd of the F major scale is played instead of the 3rd.

This article will clarify any confusion you may have regarding these types of suspended chords. Also included are descriptive chord charts, theory deep dives, and frequently asked questions. Let’s learn all about the Fsus guitar chord!

fsus guitar chord

Suspended Chords

If you didn’t know already, it’s important to understand what sus chords really are. “Sus” is an abbreviation for “suspended”. The number following “sus” refers to which note from the scale will be suspended. The suspended note is played instead of the 3rd of the chord.

When a note is suspended, it is played out while all of the notes around it move, creating a short sense of instability and dissonance within the chord. Once the sus chord is resolved, harmony is restored. This is the beauty of sus chords!

Because of this, sus chords are often followed by a major or minor chord with the same root note. In this case, F major or F minor.

FSus4 Chord Theory

  • Fsus4 has the notes F, B, and C.
  • The Fsus4 chord is built from the Root, perfect 4th, and perfect 5th of the F major scale.
  • Fsus4 is often followed by F major. These two chords are like peanut butter and jelly.

How To Play FSus4 Guitar Chord

Let’s get down to it! If you want to know how to play Fsus4, these chord charts are for you.

FSus4 Open Chord


FSus4 Barre Chord

Fsus4 Barre Chord

Other Ways To Play FSus4

Fsus4 on guitar
fsus4 guitar chords
guitar chord fsus4

FSus2 Chord Theory

  • Fsus2 has the notes F, G, and C.
  • The Fsus2 chord is built from the root, major 2nd, and perfect 5th of the F major scale.
  • Fsus2 can be played alone, or resolve upward to an F minor chord. The most important thing here is to do what sounds good to you. There are no real rules here, just norms.

How To Play Fsus2 Guitar Chord

The other type of Fsus guitar chord is Fsus2. Here are 5 ways to play this chord.

FSus2 Open Chord

Fsus2 open chord

FSus2 Barre Chord

Fsus2 Barre Chord

Other Ways To Play FSus2

Fsus2 guitar chords
Fsus2 on guitar
guitar chord Fsus2

Learn To Play Other Suspended Guitar Chords

LetterSuspended Chords
AAsus2, Asus4
BBsus2, Bsus4
CCsus2, Csus4
DDsus2, Dsus4
EEsus2, Esus4
FFsus2, Fsus4
GGsus2, Gsus4

Frequently Asked Questions

What chord is Fsus?

Fsus typically refers to the Fsus4 guitar chord.

How do you play Fsus2 on guitar?

Fsus2 is any chord that uses the notes F, G, and C. The chord charts above accurately show how to play them.

What does Fsus2 mean?

Fsus2 is short for F with a suspended 2nd.

What notes are in an Fsus chord?

The notes that make up an Fsus guitar chord are F, B, and C. 


“Sus” is short for suspended. When you hear or see “fsus” on a chord chart, it is safe to assume the chord Fsus4. However, there is another Fsus chord: Fsus2. 

The difference between the two has to do with the notes and their functions. Fsus4 uses the notes F, B, and C, while also typically resolving downward to an F major chord. Fsus2 has the notes, F, G, and C, while often resolving upwards to an F minor chord. 

Try resolving all of these chord voicings to see which chords you like best!

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