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The Guitar Chords section is focused to the fundamentals of guitar playing. You’ll discover articles & advice on how to master a wide array of chords that are vital for any guitar player.
This area is your go-to resource for improving your playing and growing your musical knowledge, with everything from major and minor chords to diminished & extended chords.

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cover a7 chord, a7 guitar chord, fifth string, b string

A7 Chord: How To Play + Theory

The A7 chord is a 4 note chord with the notes A C# E and G. It is a type of 7th chord known as Dominant 7. Learn to play A7 in this article!

B Maj7 Guitar Chord

6 Ways To Play The B Maj7 Guitar Chord

The B maj7 guitar chord is a 4 note chord. The chord tones are B D# F# A#. In this article are 6 ways to play the B maj7 guitar chord across the fretboard.

Csus guitar chord

Csus Guitar Chord: 10 Ways To Play!

Whether you are learning Csus4 or Csus2, this article explains everything you need to know about the Csus guitar chord. Let’s get started!

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