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Step into the world of guitar with Stay Tuned Guitar Blog, created in 2023 by a duo of music enthusiasts in Central Texas.

Here, you’ll find a diverse collection of informative articles, including detailed guides on mastering chords, scales, and progressions, as well as comprehensive insights into music theory.

Our How-To articles are tailored to assist guitarists of any experience level, ensuring continuous improvement and deeper musical understanding. Join our community and embark on a journey to elevate your guitar skills.

Our History

The origins of Stay Tuned Guitar Blog are deeply rooted in the personal musical journeys of its founders, Alex and Emma. Alex’s passion for the guitar ignited in 2006, captivated by heavy music and the allure of crunchy riffs. Emma’s foray into music began in 2012, initially through band participation, which eventually led her to the guitar.

Their shared experience with Iron Age Guitar Accessories, where they honed their content creation skills, sparked the idea to explore new horizons. Thus, in 2023, Stay Tuned Guitar Blog was born—a platform envisioned as a valuable and sought-after resource for newcomers and those deepening their connection with the guitar.

With a mission to offer a comprehensive guide to the instrument, the blog weaves together music theory, profiles of inspiring guitarists, and practical DIY guides. The founders are committed to an ever-evolving content strategy, not only by introducing new insights but also by refining existing information to ensure it remains accurate and captivating—a testament to their belief that the quest for knowledge is an unending endeavor.

Meet Our Editorial Duo

Alex Rodea

Alex Rodea is the founder of both Iron Age & Stay Tuned. He brings a unique perspective to the music industry with his avionics & systems thinking expertise, honed during his service in the USMC from 2008 to 2013. His pragmatic approach and business acumen are matched by an insatiable appetite for knowledge, which he channels into a journey of continuous exploration within the blog. As the webmaster & head writer for Stay Tuned, Alex’s role is pivotal in steering the blog’s direction & content, always with an eye toward uncovering new topics that resonate with guitar enthusiasts.

Emma Salix

Emma Salix is the co-founder of Stay Tuned Guitar & the resident music theory expert, with a profound grasp of the intricate details that form the foundation of music. As a versatile connoisseur of diverse musical genres, she is not only an aspiring musician but also a driving force behind the blog’s educational content. Currently, Emma is dedicated to deepening her theoretical knowledge and advancing her abilities as a producer. Her contributions to Stay Tuned are invaluable, offering readers a blend of technical expertise and practical insights that cater to a spectrum of guitarists, from novices to those seeking a more profound understanding of their craft.

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