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Emma – STG Co-Founder

Hey, I’m Emma, co-founder of “Stay Tuned Guitar,” and let me take you on a musical journey through my world. As an avid reader, writing enthusiast, and someone who finds joy in pondering life’s intricacies, the fusion of words and chords is where I thrive. Currently knee-deep in the world of music in college, I’m not just scratching the surface – I’m diving into the depths, particularly with the nuances of music theory that add layers to my musical understanding.

The strings of electric and acoustic guitars are my current companions in this adventure. I’m eager to share the knowledge I gather along the way, creating a space on STG where fellow learners can join me in the exploration of chords & progressions. But it doesn’t stop there; piano keys and the intricacies of music production are also part of my repertoire. With dreams of becoming a recording artist or a musical teacher, every note I learn and every word I share on the blog is a step toward that harmonious future. Let’s tune in together and make some beautiful music!

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