Guitar Tunings

Here you can find the most popular guitar tunings available. Whether you’re just looking to tune a half step down, drop down for the heavies, or slide into the blues with open tunings. We go over the basics & in depth theory behind it all so you can get more out of your fretboard exploration & find the right sound for you!

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C standard tuning, c standard guitar tuning, tune a guitar, c tuning, tuning low

C Standard Tuning: Overview & How To

Explore the art of music with C standard tuning, as we delve into its versatility & impact on guitar playing. Unlock a world of sonic possibilities…

7 string guitar tuning, bass strings, extra bass string, six string instruments, six string instrument, b standard tuning

7 String Guitar Tuning: How To Dial In & Rock Out

The seven string guitar is a powerful instrument that’s revolutionized the world of music. In this 7 string guitar tuning guide, we’ll delve into the art of tuning seven string electric guitars…

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