Guitar Tunings

Here you can find the most popular guitar tunings available. Whether you’re just looking to tune a half step down, drop down for the heavies, or slide into the blues with open tunings. We go over the basics & in depth theory behind it all so you can get more out of your fretboard exploration & find the right sound for you!

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how is a 12 string guitar tuned, significant difference, open tuning, lowest string, half step, drop d, high e, avoid breaking

How Is A 12 String Guitar Tuned

Learn how to tune a 12 string guitar like a pro! Discover the exact steps on how to tune your 12-string, plus, frequently asked questions you might want to know.

Tuning An 8 String Guitar Cort KX508MS

How To: Tuning An 8 String Guitar

Learn about tuning an 8 string guitar, keeping a tight sound, & FAQs like Meshuggah tunings. 0 frets, scallops, slanted frets + more inside!

How Many Guitar Tunings

How Many Guitar Tunings Are There?

Ever wondered how many guitar tunings there are? We’ve got you covered! Find out how many, what they are and more in this comprehensive guide.

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