Dsus Guitar Chord – 10 Easy Ways To Play!

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The chord Dsus might refer to Dsus4 or Dsus2, for this reason it is important to clarify. The guitar chord Dsus4 has the notes D G and A. It takes these notes from the root, perfect 4th, and perfect 5th of the D major scale. As for Dsus2, that chord uses the notes D, E, and A, the root, major 2nd, perfect 5th of the D major scale. 

We will go over these suspended chords more in depth in this article. Also, we will learn what sus chords are, what they are used for, and many ways to play the Dsus guitar chord.

Dsus Guitar Chord

Suspended Chords

To begin, Sus is short for “suspension” In music, a suspension is a non chord tone that is used intentionally to create tension. This means that sus chords sound very anticlimactic and unstable. They call for another chord to complete them.

Whether you are using a sus4 or a sus 2 chord, they usually precede a major or minor chord with the same root. Basically, you can follow a Dsus4 with D major chord. Alternatively, you can follow a Dsus2 chord with a D minor chord. These aren’t rules, just suggestions and common practice. Always trust your ear to know what sounds good to you!

Strumming a D major chord and throwing in a Dsus every now and then can really spice up your chord progressions. Give it a try with these chord charts.

One more thing! Sus chords are not technically major or minor, because they have no 3rd. So these sus chords can be used in D major AND D minor. Just some food for thought.

DSus4 Chord Theory

The science behind sus chords is relatively simple:

  • Dsus4 has the notes D, G, and A.
  • Dsus4 has the intervals of root, perfect 4th, and perfect 5th.
  • Dsus4 typically resolves upward to D major.

Bonus: To train your ear, listen closely to hear the 4th scale degree move down to the 3rd. (Fa to Mi)

How To Play DSus4 Guitar Chord

If you just wanna know how to play the chord and don’t care about music theory, here you go. 🙂

DSus4 Open Chord


DSus4 Barre Chord

Dsus4 Barre Chord

Other Ways To Play DSus4

Dsus4 Easy
Dsus4 Guitar
Dsus4 Easy Guitar

DSus2 Chord Theory

  • Dsus2 uses the notes D, E, and A
  • Dsus2 is built for the intervals of a root, major 2nd, and Perfect 5th.
  • Dsus2 can precede a D minor chord, a D major Chord, or even just be played by itself.

How To Play DSus2 Guitar Chord

If you actually needed to know how to play a Dsus2 chord, here you go 🙂

DSus2 Open Chord

Dsus2 Open Chord

DSus2 Barre Chord

Dsus2 Barre Chord

Other Ways To Play DSus2

Dsus2 Easy
Dsus2 Guitar
Dsus2 Easy Guitar

Learn To Play Other Suspended Guitar Chords

LetterSuspended Chords
AAsus2, Asus4
BBsus2, Bsus4
CCsus2, Csus4
DDsus2, Dsus4
EEsus2, Esus4
FFsus2, Fsus4
GGsus2, Gsus4

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dsus chord on guitar?

D sus is a chord that uses the notes D G and A. Sus4 means that the 4th of the scale is used in the chord instead of the 3rd.

What is the difference between D and Dsus?

D is a major chord with the notes D F A. D sus 4 temporarily changes the F to a G. Thus the notes of a Dsus4 chord are D G A.

Is Dsus the same as Dsus4?

Usually yes, but remember that while Dsus4 is the most common sus chord, it’s not the only type. So always specify what you mean by adding which note (2 or 4) you will be suspending.


Hopefully you have a good understanding of the Dsus guitar chord. If not, the most important thing you should know is that a Dsus4 chord uses the notes D, G, and A, while a Dsus2 chord uses the notes D, E, and A. Sus chords use either the 4th or the 2nd scale degree of a major scale in place of the 3rd to sound unstable. This creates a really satisfying alternation between the sus chord and the respective major or minor chord.

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