All You Need To Know About Guitar Chords In F Minor: Quick, Fast, & Easy

Put simply, the guitar chords in f minor are F min, G°, Ab Maj, Bb min, C Maj, Db Maj, and E°.However, learning the theory that goes on behind the scenes can make this a bit complicated to understand. 

In this article I will explain the F minor key, diatonic chords, and how to play them step by step.Please keep reading to understand the guitar chords in f minor!

guitar chords in f minor

F Minor Key Theory

Let us begin by learning a bit about the key of F minor and minor keys in general.

  • The key signature for F Minor is Bb Eb Ab Db.
  • The harmonic minor scale has a raised 7th scale degree. (Eb -> E)
  • When we plug this into the key of F minor,  we get the chords Major V ( CMaj ) and leading tone vii° ()
  • F minor is the relative minor of the key of Ab major – which means that they have the same key signature!

Diatonic Chords Explained

Diatonic chords are chords that use the key signature of a given key. 

We get the minor key signatures from the natural minor scale

However, the diatonic minor chords most commonly conform to the Harmonic minor scale which raises the 7th scale degree or the leading tone! 

This is why the V7 chord is not minor, and the 7 is not major!

The Diatonic triads in minor are:

i ii° III iv V VI vii°

The Diatonic 7th chords in minor are:

i7 iim7b5 IIIM7 iv7 V7 VI7 vii°7

*Capital roman numerals are major, lowercase are minor, ° means diminished, m7b5 is also called half diminished (ø)*

Chords In the Key Of F Min

Here are the diatonic triads in the key of F minor:

F Minor

f minor

G Diminished

G diminished

Ab Major

Ab major

Bb minor

Bb minor

C Major

C major

Db Major

Db major

E Diminished

E diminished

F Minor

f min

F Minor Using 7th chords

Here are the diatonic minor 7th chords in the key of F Minor:

F Minor 7

f min 7

G Minor 7 Flat 5

g half diminished

Ab Major 7

Ab major 7

Bb Minor 7

Bb min 7

C Major-Minor 7

C dominant 7

Db Major 7

Db Maj 7

E Diminished 7

e dim 7

F Minor 7

f min 7

Common Chord Progressions in F Harmonic Minor

Now that you know how to play the chords in f minor, it’s time to get creative. 

Can you play all of these common chord progressions in f minor?

i – VI – vii°Fm – Db – E° 
i – iv – vii°Fm – Bbm – E° 
i – iv – V7Fm – Bbm – C7 
i – VI – III – vii°Fm – Db – Ab – E° 
iiø – V7 – iGm7b5 – C7 – Fm 

Songs In The Key Of F Minor

Here are some popular songs that you may have heard. Can you listen and play by ear using the chords you’ve learned?

What Keys Have F Minor?

Other keys you play in might also include the F minor chord. 

Let’s explore which keys those are:

Eb Major: Eb Major, F minor, G Minor, Ab Major, Bb Major C Minor, D°

Db Major: Db Major, Eb Minor, F Minor, Gb Major, Ab Major, Bb Minor, C°

Ab Major: Ab Major, Bb Minor, C Minor, Db Major, Eb Major, F Minor, G°

C Minor: C Minor, D°, Eb Major, F Minor, G Major, Ab Major, B°

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 6 chord in F minor?

The 6 chord in F minor is Db Maj or Db Maj7.

What is the tonic triad of F minor?

The tonic triad of F minor is F minor! The F Minor triad consists of the notes F Ab C.


The key of F minor has four flats, Bb Eb Ab Db. The main chords in the key of F minor are F min, G°, Ab Maj, Bb min, C Maj, Db Maj, and E°. 

In minor keys we often raise the 7th scale degree. This changes the quality of the V and vii chords. 

When we look at diatonic chords, we use roman numerals to note the quality of those chords. The Uppercase roman numerals are Major, and the lowercase roman numerals are minor.

The little circle (°) means diminished and the little circle with a slash (ø) means half diminished or minor 7 b5.

Gosh, diatonic chords sure are difficult, huh?

Can you play all of the guitar chords in f minor up and down the fretboard?

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