Best Flanger Pedal: 8 Boxes For Ultimate Swirls & Swoosh

In the vast landscape of guitar effects, flanger pedals create a particular swirling and swooshing sound that has captivated players and listeners alike. Originating in the studio technique of ‘flanging,’ where two tape machines were manually synced to produce a phase-shift effect, modern flanger pedals encapsulate this atmospheric sound in a compact stompbox. Guitarists seeking to add depth, movement, and character to their tone find flanger pedals to be indispensable for genres ranging from psychedelia to rock, and even metal. Below we list 8 of the best flanger pedal options for starters and at any budget!

The process of selecting the best flanger pedal can significantly impact a musician’s sound. Factors such as analog versus digital circuitry, the range of the effect’s intensity, and the ability to tweak parameters like rate, depth, and feedback/resonance, are paramount. Some units offer a classic, vintage vibe, while others provide more modern, versatile features, allowing for a broader palette of sonic textures.

Guitarists should also consider build quality, true bypass versus buffered bypass, and, possibly, the pedal’s footprint on their pedalboard. The versatility and control interface are vital too; some flanger pedals come with presets and MIDI compatibility for more convenience in a live setting. Our effort has gone into examining various flanger pedals to unearth those that stand out in functionality, sound quality, durability, as well as affordability.

As we move towards in-depth evaluations of individual pedals, it’s important to keep in mind that the best choice will harmonically enrich your unique play style and seamlessly integrate with your existing setup.

Best Flanger Pedal 8 Boxes For Ultimate Swirls & Swosh

Top Flanger Pedals for Guitarists

In our quest for the ultimate modulation effect, we’ve scoured the market to bring you our top picks for flanger pedals. These compact units are the key to adding depth and character to your guitar tone, allowing for a wide spectrum of sonic exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a bedroom rocker, our selection caters to every level of play and budget. Get ready to transform your sound with the best flanger pedals handpicked for their quality, versatility, and user-friendliness.

Dunlop EVH Flanger

Jim Dunlop Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal MultiColored

We believe the Dunlop EVH Flanger is essential for guitarists aiming to recreate the legendary Van Halen sound with ease and precision.



  • Premium pricing reflects its specialty status
  • Requires an 18V power source which may not be standard for all setups
  • Some users have reported volume drops when engaged

Our hands-on time with the Jim Dunlop Flanger has revealed it to be an impressive tribute to a classic sound. The core flanger effect is deep and swirls nicely without being too overpowering, which makes it versatile for both rhythmic background textures and standout lead pieces. The build quality is robust, and it feels like it can withstand the rigors of frequent live use.

The striped motif is not just for show; it’s a nod to the iconic Eddie Van Halen, promising to infuse our music with a piece of that incomparable ’80s vibe. The EVH Switch is particularly handy, instantly dialing in that “Unchained” tone that would otherwise take meticulous tweaking—a time-saver during practice or performance.

In terms of ease of integration into our existing rig, while the pedal’s 18V power requirement means we need to ensure we have the right power adapter or batteries, the effect it adds to our sound makes the extra preparation worth it. The MXR EVH117 is not just another flanger; it evokes a specific era of rock with a modern reliability that honors its originator’s legacy.

JHS White Flanger

JHS Pedals 3 Series Flanger

In our hands, the JHS 3 Series Flanger proves to be a powerhouse, serving up classic swirls and nuance, making it a must-have for pedal enthusiasts.


  • Crests the waves of vintage and modern tones effortlessly
  • User-friendly interface ensures a speedy dial-in for the desired effect
  • Sturdy construction makes it a reliable partner for gigging musicians


  • Limited to three knobs and a toggle, some may want more tweaking options
  • Classic sound may not appeal to those seeking extreme flanging effects
  • A simple design choice might underwhelm those who prefer visually intricate pedals

When we plugged in the JHS 3 Series Flanger, we found ourselves impressed by its raw simplicity and efficient control layout. Whether you’re chasing the jet-plane swoosh or a subtle pulse to your riffs, the pedal’s depth spans the spectrum with grace.

On the road, we greatly appreciated its solid build quality. This tornado-proof construction doesn’t just promise longevity, it also ensures crystal-clear sound when performing live, where it really counts.

One particular aspect we savored was the ease of integration into our existing pedalboard. Fitting seamlessly alongside other gear, it didn’t exhibit any power or signal conflicts, which can be a deal-breaker with less thoughtful designs.

Despite a couple of drawbacks, we conclude that the JHS White Flanger is a commendable nod to the classics while etching its territory. It’s a breath of fresh air for the seasoned guitarist or the adventurous beginner, providing a reliable, spirited addition to any pedal collection.

MOOER E-lady Flanger

MOOER E-lady Analog Flanger Pedal

If you’re after a versatile and compact flanger pedal that offers classic analog vibes, this MOOER E-lady Flanger is an excellent choice.


  • Generates that coveted classic flanger sound effortlessly
  • Tiny footprint saves precious pedalboard real estate
  • Built like a tank with its all-metal housing


  • The control labels can be tough to read on a dimly-lit stage
  • Some may find the mini size fiddly to adjust with their feet
  • Flavor might not be as detailed as some high-end models

We recently added the MOOER E-lady Flanger to our gear, and we must say, this petite pedal is quite the powerhouse. It’s fascinating how something so small can create such lush and sweeping tonal landscapes. Whether we’re dialing in a subtle chorus-like effect or cranking it up for a full psychedelic swirl, it delivers with consistent quality.

Immediately notable is its robust metal shell—this thing can take a few knocks and still perform impeccably. The true bypass is another feature we value, ensuring that our tone remains pure and unaltered when the pedal is not engaged. Size-wise, it’s a marvel, fitting snugly into the most crowded of setups without a hitch.

However, not everything is convenient with the E-lady. We’ve been under stage lights that hardly illuminate our setup, making adjusting settings on the fly a bit of a hassle due to the small, hard-to-read labels. And while the size is an asset for pedalboard real estate, it can make it tricky to operate with your foot if you’ve got bigger boots on. Finally, while the analog flanger tones are definitely authentic, purists might notice it’s a hair’s breadth from the depth and nuance of some vintage or higher-priced units.

For those of us who value practicality without compromising too much on sound quality, the MOOER E-lady flanger delivers in spades. It’s a practical workhorse for touring musicians and a flavor enhancer for studio scenarios alike. Despite its few quirks, it stands out as a smart choice for anyone looking to add that analog sweep to their sonic palette.

Donner Mod Square II

Donner Mod Square II

We just plugged in the Donner Mod Square II and it’s evident this pedal is a swiss army knife for any guitarist looking for a wide array of modulation effects.


  • Offers 16 different effects providing a robust variety of sounds
  • User-friendly interface, ideal for players at any skill level
  • Maintains signal integrity with a buffer bypass design


  • Does not include a power supply, requiring an additional purchase
  • Some users might prefer analog over its digital sound processing
  • The compact size may result in crowded controls for those with larger hands

Straight out of the box, the first thing we noticed was this pedal’s compact and robust build. We didn’t have any problems finding space for it on our already crowded pedalboard. Plugging it in, the array of effects at our fingertips was impressive – from a lush chorus to a spaceship-esque flanger, each effect was distinct and vibrant.

The intuitive controls didn’t leave us fumbling around. Adjusting the effect parameters was straightforward, which meant we spent less time dialing in and more time playing. It was pretty refreshing to not have to crack open a manual just to figure out how to get a good sound.

Using the pedal during a live set, the tap tempo function really stood out. It allowed us to sync effects with the band’s tempo smoothly, without throwing off our groove. Even when disengaged, we noted that the pedal didn’t suck away our tone, a real testament to its buffer bypass.

We’ve road-tested the Mod Square II, and it’s clear it punches well above its weight class in terms of functionality and sound quality. Despite the minor inconvenience of needing a separate power supply, its versatility and ease of use make it a strong contender for a spot on your pedalboard.


FLAMMA FC15 Flanger

Based on our hands-on experience, the FLAMMA FC15 is a worthwhile purchase for guitarists seeking a compact and durable flanger pedal with a classic analog sound.


  • Authentic analog flanger tones with flexibility
  • Both Normal and Filter modes enhance sound versatility
  • Solid metal construction with true bypass


  • Sound customization may be limited for advanced players
  • Power adapter is not included
  • May encounter compatibility issues with some power supplies

When we first engaged the FC15, we were immediately transported to a soundscape filled with swirling tones and sonic sweeps that only a genuine analog effect can produce. Its classic flanger sound is rich and resonant, making it a delightful addition to any pedalboard. The build quality feels dependable; the metal shell could surely withstand the rigors of the road.

Playing with the FLAMMA FC15 allowed us to explore an interesting range of tones, particularly with the Normal and Filter modes. These options gave us the ability to tailor our sound from a subtle whoosh to a more pronounced effect. Switching between modes was seamless, and we found that even small tweaks to the control knobs made significant aural alterations.

Despite its versatility, we did note that the FC15 isn’t as feature-rich as some might desire, especially those used to more knobs and switches for fine-tuning. Still, the pedal’s simplicity is an advantage for players who appreciate straightforward, easy-to-use pedals. Just remember, the FC15 requires an external 9V power source, and some third-party adapters might not match its power needs precisely, but when you find the right fit, it performs flawlessly.

JOYO Classic Flanger

JOYO Classic Flanger

We think the JOYO Classic Flanger is a great pick for its price and versatility, delivering those sought-after waves of modulation for any guitarist looking to spice up their sound.


  • Produces a range of sounds from subtle wave-like chorus to a rapid tremolo effect.
  • Constructed with a durable, aluminum-alloy housing offering a robust stompbox.
  • True Bypass circuitry maintains the purity of the guitar tone when the pedal is not engaged.


  • Might introduce noise if not used with a proper power supply.
  • The effect can be too subtle, which may require adjustments to suit your taste.
  • Primarily designed for beginners and may not meet all the needs of professional musicians.

We’ve had our hands on the JOYO Classic Flanger, and it’s clear this pedal is crafted to last. With its sturdy aluminum-alloy housing, this stompbox stood up to repeated use without showing signs of wear.

The flanger effect it generates can be dialed from a gentle ripple to a full-on tremolo, making it quite versatile for various musical styles. Whether we were going for a pop groove or a more pronounced rock vibe, this pedal provided the necessary embellishments without too much fuss.

One detail we appreciated was the True Bypass feature. Preserving the guitar’s original tone is crucial, and the JOYO Classic Flanger ensured there were no alterations to our signal when the pedal was switched off. This makes it a reliable option for our pedalboard, as we can count on it to come through when needed, without any surprises to our fundamental sound.

However, power supply issues can lead to unwanted noise, so we had to ensure we used a quality power adapter. And while it’s perfect for experimenting with new sounds due to its simplicity and affordability, some of us wished for a more pronounced effect but found that a little tweaking could achieve the desired depth. For those occasional times when a flanger is needed in our setup, this pedal fits the bill and does so without breaking the bank.

ISET Galaxy Flanger

ISET Flanger Pedal

We believe the ISET Galaxy Flanger should be at the heart of your rig if you’re chasing that lush, swirling flange without losing the essence of your tone.


  • Preserves the unique guitar tone with true bypass
  • Versatile with adjustable Color, Range, and Rate knobs
  • Compact size fits any pedalboard easily


  • Tone filter might be too sensitive for some
  • Limited to flanging sound without additional effects
  • May add slight volume boost when engaged

Once I integrated the ISET Galaxy Flanger into my pedalboard, the impact was immediately noticeable. The classic flange emerged with clarity and warmth reminiscent of some of the iconic recordings we grew up adoring. It’s a breeze to dial in a range of sounds from subtle sweeps to intense, jet-like whooshes, making it a treasure for live performances and studio sessions alike.

What stood out was its ease of use. The Color knob allowed us to fine-tune the presence of the effect, adding just the right amount of color to the signal. With the Rate and Range knobs, we had full control over the speed and depth, enabling us to craft our desired flange with precision.

The compact form factor of this purple-swirled pedal is also a major advantage. It claimed its spot on the pedalboard without crowding out other staples. Despite its unassuming size, it’s sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of gigging.

However, tweaking the sensitive tone filter required a gentle touch to avoid losing the highs and mids. And when we engaged the pedal, it slightly increased the overall signal volume, something to be mindful of during a set. While it excels in its single minded mission to deliver quality flange, those looking for a multi-effects unit might find its function a bit too focused.

In conclusion, the ISET Galaxy Flanger has certainly earned its stripes in our gear collection. Though not without its quirks, this pedal’s ability to evoke the true spirit of a flanger makes it a key ally for any guitarist or bassist eager to paint their audio canvas with broad, psychedelic strokes.

Horse Silver Flanger

Horse Silver Flanger

We’ve found that the Horse Silver Flanger is a capable companion for the electric guitarist looking for a robust analog effect.


  • The BBD circuitry delivers authentic, warm flanging tones.
  • Intuitive four-knob layout offers extensive control over the effect.
  • Compact and rugged aluminum construction makes it gig-ready.


  • Power adapter required and not included.
  • Some may find the feedback (Regen) too pronounced at higher settings.
  • Lighter weight might not feel as secure on a pedalboard for some users.

When we got our hands on the Horse Silver Flanger, the first thing that impressed us was its sturdy build. Despite its small footprint, the pedal feels substantial thanks to the aluminum alloy body, signaling it’s made to withstand the rigors of regular use. The classic silver finish gives it a sleek look on any pedalboard.

Upon testing, the true bypass design meant that our clean tone remained intact when the pedal was disengaged. Engaging the pedal, the flanging effect was rich and versatile, ranging from subtle waves to full-on psychedelic swirls, courtesy of those adjustable knobs. The precision with which we could dial in the Speed, Regen, Width, and Delay Time allowed us to shape the effect to fit any style we were playing.

Practicality is also a highlight of this unit. It’s small and light, making it ideal for musicians on the move. Despite the minor inconvenience of requiring an external 9V adapter, which is standard for many compact pedals, the Horse Silver Flanger proved to be a reliable and expressive tool that, in our experience, could enliven any guitar riff. The nuanced control over the flange effect ensured that we could find a setting that suited whatever song we were working on, be it a gentle chorus-like shimmer or an intense, jet-like sweep.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

We recommend focusing on several features when selecting a flanger pedal to ensure you get the best match for your needs. Below is a breakdown of the essential attributes:

Analog vs. DigitalConsider whether you prefer the warmth of analog or the versatility of digital flangers.
RateThis controls the speed of the flange effect, crucial for achieving the desired sound.
DepthDepth adjusts how pronounced the effect is; a deeper flange will be more intense.
Feedback/RegenSets the intensity of the resonating peak, affecting the sharpness of the effect.

Practical Considerations

Ease of Use: For live performance, simplicity may be key. Look for intuitive layout and accessible controls.

Build Quality: A sturdy, well-constructed pedal will withstand regular use and the rigors of touring.

True Bypass: This ensures that your signal remains unaffected when the pedal is switched off.

Additional Features

Extra features might influence your choice depending on your specific needs:

  • Stereo Output: For those seeking expansive sound, stereo output is a significant boon.
  • Tap Tempo: Useful for syncing the flange rate with the tempo of your music on-the-fly.
  • Preset Capabilities: Some may appreciate the ability to save and recall settings.

Remember, the best pedal is one that aligns with your personal preferences and enhances your musical expression.

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