Best Electric Guitar for Beginners: Top Picks for New Players

Starting to play the electric guitar can be exhilarating, opening a world of musical possibilities. Electric guitars are synonymous with a wide range of music styles, from rock and blues to jazz and metal, adaptable to various playing techniques and forms of expression. For beginners, the journey to mastery starts with the very first instrument they choose, and with the market offering a multitude of options, getting the right guitar is fundamental to their development and enjoyment. Below are some options we would consider the best electric guitar for beginners.

These are rated on several key factors. Comfort is paramount; the guitar must feel good in the player’s hands and not be too heavy, as this can affect learning and playing time. Sound quality is also essential, as it must inspire the beginner to keep playing & wanting to practicing. Additionally, the guitar’s durability and its ability to stay in tune are important for both progress and motivation. For a beginner, simplicity in design may be beneficial to avoid the technical complexities of more advanced guitars.

Best Electric Guitar for Beginners Top Picks for New Players

Budget is another critical aspect to consider, as beginner guitars come in a wide range of prices. A beginner might not want to invest heavily before they have committed to the instrument, but at the same time, too cheap a guitar could hamper progress if it’s poorly made. Balance is needed to find a guitar that offers a good quality-to-price ratio.

We have spent extensive time examining various electric guitars suitable for beginners, considering their playability, quality of construction, tone, and value for money. Our research is designed to provide a clear starting point for the novice electric guitarist, ensuring the first step they take is in the right direction for both their enjoyment and their musical journey.

Top Picks for Beginner Electric Guitars

Choosing the right electric guitar can be the key to a rewarding learning experience for any beginner. We’ve taken the time to carefully select options that deliver quality sound, comfortable playability, and great value. Our choices cater to a variety of musical styles and preferences, ensuring that every new guitarist starts on the right note.

Donner Red DST-100R

Donner DST-100R Electric Guitar

We think beginners will love the Donner DST-100R for its comprehensive package and ease of playability.


  • Versatile sound with H-S-S pickup configuration
  • Comfortable “C” shaped maple neck for easy chord transitions
  • All-inclusive kit with amp and accessories to start playing immediately


  • The mini amp provided may not satisfy everyone’s sound expectations
  • Some accessories are basic quality, might need upgrading over time
  • Starter kits may not meet the needs of advancing players as they outgrow initial learning stages

Exploring the Donner DST-100R, we were immediately taken by the vibrant red finish and the satisfying feel of the maple neck in our hands. It feels robust and ready to handle enthusiastic strumming from eager beginners. Transitioning between chords is smooth, thanks to the “C” shaped neck profile, and we found the frets are well-placed for comfortable learning.

As we played the DST-100R, the H-S-S pickup configuration stood out, offering us a rich blend of tones, suitable for a variety of musical styles. We were pleasantly surprised by the fullness of the sound that emanated from such a budget-friendly guitar. Whether we were aiming for warm blues or a sharper rock tone, we achieved it with a flick of the 5-way switch.

Included in the package is a set of accessories making this guitar a great value. The portable amplifier, though small, is a convenient practice tool for beginners. However, those with developing ears and growing skills might eventually seek a more robust sound system. We were also glad to see a quality bag for transporting our guitar safely, even though some of the other accessories, like the digital tuner, might not satisfy everyone in terms of quality. Overall, the DST-100R is a solid choice for new players looking to dive into the world of electric guitars without making a huge investment.

Hollywood Blue Beginner Electric

Best Choice Products 39in Full Size Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit

If you’re on the lookout for a comprehensive electric guitar set that promises a smooth entry into the world of music, this Hollywood Blue Beginner Electric is a worthy contender.


  • All-encompassing kit allows for immediate playability
  • Sleek design and lightweight body make for comfortable handling
  • Versatile sound capabilities that encourage experimentation


  • The included amp may not satisfy those seeking high-quality sound
  • Supplemental accessories like the carrying case show signs of low durability
  • May require additional setup for optimal play, such as professional string adjustment

Upon exploring this electric guitar, we noticed it unwraps an entirely fulfilling experience for newcomers. The completeness of the kit is convenient, negating the need for extra shopping trips. Its crafted finish not only catches the eye but feels right as we cradle the body and run our fingers down the smooth fretboard. The lightweight design eases the learning curve, especially for younger players or those unaccustomed to the heft of traditional guitars.

Striking a chord, the sounds produced are pleasantly rich, reminiscent of classic rock tones but adaptable enough to dabble in other genres. For us, the ability to fine-tune our sound with the tremolo bridge system amplified the fun, giving that extra edge to our playing sessions.

However, while the amplifier serves its purpose for practice sessions, those with a keen ear might soon yearn for an upgrade. The same goes for the accessories such as the nylon carrying case, which, despite their functionality, don’t match the guitar’s durability. We also recommend a professional setup right out of the box to ensure the best playability, as the factory strings and tuning may not meet everyone’s standards.

In sum, this starter kit remains an excellent launchpad for the budding guitarist, making the first steps into musicianship as harmonious as possible.

Donner DST-152R Electric Guitar Kit

Donner DST-152R Electric Guitar

We believe this electric guitar kit, with all its accessories, could be a perfect choice for beginners looking for a great start.


  • Versatile HSS pickup configuration with a coil split offers a range of tones
  • Comes with an all-inclusive accessory bundle, great for new players
  • Comfortable C-shaped neck profile suits various playing styles


  • Amplifier quality may not meet the needs of more advanced players
  • Factory setup might require adjustments for optimal playability
  • Some players may prefer a guitar with a full humbucker sound over coil split tones

Picking up the Donner DST-152R Electric Guitar felt like unboxing creativity. Its metallic ice blue finish is eye-catching, and once we plugged it in, the warm and clear tones via the HSS pickups shined, especially after engaging the coil split function. We especially love how the sounds cater to a broad range of musical styles, which is vital for beginners exploring their preferences.

The feel of the DST-152R in our hands is impressive; the C-shaped neck and the satin-finished maple provided a comfortable grip that encouraged longer practice sessions. The fretboard’s smooth laurel wood and 22-fret layout are just right for trying out those first riffs and chords.

We also appreciated the convenience of the included kit – the amplifier, though basic, is a welcome addition for immediate playing out of the box. Alongside the other essentials like the strap, tuner, and carrying bag, we have almost everything we need to start playing right away. Although as we advance in our playing, we’ll likely seek a more powerful amplifier to match our developing skills.

ZENY Electric Guitar Starter Set

ZENY Electric Guitar

If you’re stepping into the world of music, this ZENY electric guitar kit offers all the essentials, and we think you’ll appreciate the value it provides.


  • All-inclusive kit means you get playing right away
  • Solid construction for the price point
  • Lightweight and comfortable for long practice sessions


  • May require a setup for optimal playability
  • Included strings could be of higher quality
  • Amplifier is best for practice, not performance

Recently, we got hands-on with the ZENY 39″ Electric Guitar pack, and it’s a kit that catches the eye with its smooth, black finish. The guitar feels robust and is comfortable to hold, which is vital for beginners who will spend hours practicing chords and riffs.

The accompanying 10W amp is a welcome addition—while it won’t shake the walls, it certainly serves its purpose for daily practice. We discovered it easy to get a decent sound without much fuss.

However, it bears mentioning that the strings are a tad basic. We’d suggest investing in a better set to enhance playability. Consider this a minor investment to maximize the guitar’s potential.

We also noticed that to achieve the best experience with this guitar, a proper setup by a professional may be necessary. It’s a common step with beginner guitars to ensure everything is in line.

In our experience, the accessories included in the kit—from the strap to the extra strings—make this package convenient and travel-friendly. Whether you’re practicing at home or heading to a lesson, everything you need is at your fingertips.

To sum up, our time with the ZENY Electric Guitar kit was largely positive. It’s an ideal match for novices, and with a couple of tweaks, it can serve as a reliable tool in your musical journey.

GLARRY Beginner Electric Guitar Kit

GLARRY Electric Guitar

We think this guitar is a great pick for someone just starting out, due to its affordability and the comprehensive package it offers.


  • Includes necessary accessories to start playing right away
  • Quality material contributes to pleasing sound
  • Comfortable neck profile for beginners


  • Initial setup and tuning may be needed
  • Stock strings may require upgrading
  • Included amp could be prone to static noise

After strumming the GLARRY Electric Guitar for the first time, we were pleasantly surprised by the combination of quality and value it presents. The basswood body delivers a warm sound that maintains a hint of brightness, perfect for exploring different music genres. Its inclusion of a portable amp and other accessories enables beginners to dive into practice sessions without delay.

The finish and feel of the guitar make it a joy to play. The maple fretboard has a smooth touch, and the neck fits comfortably in our hands, which can make the learning process less intimidating for new players. Equipped with the guitar bag, moving from home to lessons or jam sessions is a matter of grab-and-go.

Adjustments to the action and intonation might be necessary to achieve optimal playability. We’ve found that replacing the factory strings with higher quality ones can also greatly enhance the instrument’s tone. Additionally, while the included amp is adequate for beginners practicing alone, it may not meet the expectations of a more advanced player or for performance settings.

RockJam Electric Guitar Starter Set

RockJam Electric Guitar

We’re convinced this all-inclusive RockJam guitar kit is an excellent value for anyone taking their first steps into the world of electric guitar.


  • All-in-one package includes essential accessories
  • Lightweight guitar suitable for extended practice sessions
  • Complimentary access to guitar learning application


  • String quality may require early replacement
  • Amp’s durability could be better for frequent handling
  • Finish and construction sometimes show minor imperfections

Strapping on the RockJam Electric Guitar for the first time, we noticed its comfortable weight and smooth neck, which made navigating the fretboard a breeze. The glossy red finish gives it that classic rock vibe, making us eager to rock out from the get-go.

The 10-watt amp provided in the kit was quite straightforward to set up. With manageable controls for tone and gain, we found dialing in a respectable sound for practice was much simpler than expected.

Diving into practices sessions, the inclusion of online lessons turned out to be an invaluable resource. We appreciated having structured guidance as we explored various techniques and styles. While strumming through lessons and rehearsing chords, we recognized the merit of a starter kit that keeps you motivated to learn and play.

Ashthorpe Electric Guitar

Ashthorpe Electric Guitar

We recommend the Ashthorpe 39-Inch Electric Guitar for its affordability and comprehensive beginner-friendly features, making it a solid choice for budding musicians.


  • Offers a full kit that comes with everything needed to start playing right out of the box.
  • Comfortable playability with a fast slim maple neck, suited for beginners.
  • Versatile tone adjustments with three single-coil pickups and a 5-way selector switch.


  • Some components may require additional setup or adjustment for optimized play.
  • Finishing quality may vary slightly, which is not uncommon in budget instruments.
  • Initially, fret ends might feel a tad rough and could need some filing.

Our time with this guitar gave us a clear insight into why it’s a hit among beginners – it’s incredibly user-friendly. Strapping on the Ashthorpe Electric Guitar feels natural, thanks to its contoured body and lightweight. The absence of any excess weight makes it comfortable for longer practice sessions, which are crucial when you’re just starting out.

The sound versatility is another standout. Whether we were aiming for the clean twang of country or the overdriven punch of rock, the S-S-S pickup configuration provided us with a range of tones. It was genuinely fun exploring different sounds with the twist of a knob or the flick of the 5-way switch.

Durability-wise, the solid poplar body reassured us that this guitar could handle the occasional knocks and bumps. However, it’s worth noting that you might want to invest in a professional setup to ensure peak performance, as the factory settings are not always perfect. Nevertheless, considering its price point, the Ashthorpe delivers a performance that punches way above its weight class.

Smartxchoices 39″ Beginner Kit

Smartxchoices Electric Guitar

We found this starter guitar kit from Smartxchoices to be a solid pick for beginners, bundling decent quality and essential accessories at a highly reasonable cost.


  • Attractive design with a slick, blue finish that stands out.
  • Lightweight and user-friendly, making it suitable for players of all ages.
  • Comes as a complete set with a 10W amp, case, and other accessories.


  • The amp quality may not satisfy more discerning players.
  • Some units may arrive with minor shipping damages or defects.
  • Tuning stability and set up may require additional attention.

Strumming away on the Smartxchoices 39″ Electric Guitar feels surprisingly comfortable. It’s the kind of instrument that invites beginners to pick it up and start playing without feeling intimidated.

Handling the guitar, both sitting and standing, is a breeze thanks to its ultra-thin design. It’s quite refreshing to see such thought put into a beginner’s model, often overlooked by other brands focusing solely on more advanced musicians.

Our jam sessions revealed a clear, bright sound that’s quite pleasing to the ear, especially considering the guitar’s price point. The amp it comes with is, admittedly, not the loudest or the most feature-rich, but it’s more than adequate for someone who’s just starting their musical journey and needs to practice at home.

As we cycled through exercises and chords, the Smartxchoices Electric Guitar stayed relatively in tune, though occasional adjustments were necessary. It’s a reminder to new guitarists that maintaining your instrument is part of the learning curve. In terms of durability, the construction seems solid, though we were cautious with the amp, which feels less robust than the guitar.

Overall, this guitar kit positions itself as a practical choice for those stepping into the world of electric guitars. It contains all you need to start rocking without having to invest in extra gear right away. Keep your expectations realistic with the amp and be ready for some initial setup, and this guitar will serve you well as you develop your skills.

LyxPro Beginner Kit

LyxPro Electric Guitar

We believe this kit is a solid pick for newcomers eager to explore the electric guitar without breaking the bank.


  • The guitar offers a comfortable feel and solid construction, great for new players.
  • Included 20W amp is a suitable companion for practice sessions.
  • Comes with an array of accessories, including a digital tuner, which adds value for beginners.


  • The factory setup may require adjustments for optimal playability.
  • Some accessories are basic and might need upgrading over time.
  • Tuner accuracy is adequate for beginners, but more experienced players might seek a higher-end tuner.

Once we took the LyxPro kit out of the box, its sleek black finish immediately caught our eye, portraying a look that imitates many classic electric guitars. The craftsmanship is more than sufficient for a starter model, and we appreciated the lightweight body, which is a relief during long practice sessions.

Plugging in the included 20-watt amp, we found that it packs enough punch for bedroom rock sessions. The variety of tones we could produce, from clean to gritty, allowed us to experiment with different sounds – an essential feature for any budding guitarist.

Our experience with the included accessories was generally positive, although we recognized that the included strap and picks may not suit all personal preferences. Nevertheless, they are perfectly functional for those just starting on their musical journey.

In summary, the LyxPro Electric Guitar Beginner Kit promises a good starting point for aspiring guitarists. While there may be a need for some minor tweaks and future upgrades, the overall value contained in this all-encompassing package can kickstart your path to shredding with confidence and flair.

BENSSICA Starter Electric Guitar Set

BENSSICA Electric Guitar

This BENSSICA electric guitar bundle offers a harmonious blend of quality and accessibility, catering seamlessly to the beginner musician.


  • Balanced tones with crisp highs and solid lows
  • Comfortable playability for small hands and those new to guitars
  • Comprehensive beginner’s set equips you with all needed accessories


  • Only one customer review to gauge long-term satisfaction
  • May require professional setup for optimal playability
  • Beginners might initially find the feature-rich setup overwhelming

Navigating the early stages of guitar playing can be smoother with a comprehensive starter kit, and our experience with the BENSSICA Electric Guitar was pleasantly accommodating. The included accessories mean you won’t be scrambling for the essentials, and the balanced tone is particularly gratifying for new players eager to experience a rich sound.

Convenience was clearly a part of the design philosophy for this guitar. The attention to detail on the neck curve allows for ease of use, especially for those prolonged practice sessions. From the lower frets to those soaring solos, the comfortable grip encourages continuous learning and improvement.

We recognize the importance of build quality and sound in an electric guitar, and our time with the BENSSICA model revealed a commitment to both. The tonewoods selected combine warmth with clarity, a prized feature for any guitarist looking to delve into diverse genres. It stands as a solid choice for beginners with its balanced audio output and thoughtful ergonomics.

Buying Guide

Understanding the Basics

Before making a purchase, we need to understand the essential features of electric guitars. The body type, neck, pickups, and hardware are key elements that affect playability and tone.

  • Body Type: Solid body is common for beginners for its durability and variety of styles.
  • Neck: The neck should feel comfortable in our hands, with accessible frets.
  • Pickups: Single-coils offer a brighter sound, while humbuckers provide a warmer tone with less noise.

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Considering Playability

Playability is crucial. We look for:

  • Action: Lower action makes it easier to press the strings down. (more on proper string height)
  • Neck Profile: Different neck shapes affect the grip and comfort.
  • Scale Length: Shorter scales are generally easier to play.

Importance of Hardware

Quality hardware is important for tuning stability and longevity.

  • Tuning Machines: Reliable tuners keep our guitar in tune longer.
  • Bridge: A sturdy bridge ensures consistent intonation and supports different playing styles.
Comfortable NeckReduces hand fatigue and improves learning curve.
Low ActionEases playability and supports rapid skill growth.
Quality PickupsDetermines the clarity and variety of guitar tone.

By considering these features and their benefits, we guide ourselves to a well-informed decision without getting overwhelmed by the vast options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our guide, we’ve compiled the most common inquiries beginners have when choosing their first electric guitar, including what to look for, which models suit certain genres, and what accessories are essential.

What key features should a beginner look for in an electric guitar?

When starting out, we recommend looking for a guitar with a comfortable neck profile, light body weight for easy handling, simple controls for tone and volume, and stable tuning machines to ensure the guitar stays in tune.

Which electric guitar models are recommended for new players interested in playing metal?

For beginners drawn to metal, we suggest guitars like the Ibanez GRG series or the ESP LTD EC-10. These models have humbucking pickups that handle distortion well and fast necks to facilitate quick playing styles.

How does the Yamaha Pacifica 112V stack up for beginners?

The Yamaha Pacifica 112V is an excellent choice for beginners due to its versatile HSS pickup configuration, solid build quality, and a smooth neck that’s conducive for learning different playing techniques.

Are there specific brands that are preferable for those just starting out on electric guitar?

Brands like Squier, Epiphone, and Yamaha are highly recommended for beginners. They offer quality guitars at an affordable price point, which is crucial when you’re just starting and looking for a reliable instrument.

What are some easy electric guitar songs that beginners can start learning?

We encourage beginners to start with songs like “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple, “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, and “Breaking the Law” by Judas Priest, since these songs feature simple riffs and are excellent for practice.

What essential accessories should accompany a first electric guitar purchase?

We advise that a beginner’s first purchase should include a tuner to ensure the guitar is always in tune, a gig bag for protection and transportation, picks of various thicknesses to explore different playing styles, a strap for playing while standing, and a cable for connecting to an amplifier.

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