How To Play The F7 Chord In 6 Different Ways

The F7 chord, a powerful assembly of notes F, A, C, & Eb, stands as a cornerstone in the realm of guitar music, particularly as a dominant seventh chord. It’s this combination—a major triad topped with a minor seventh—that injects a sense of anticipation & edge into a harmonic progression, often resolving to the tonic for musical satisfaction.

Our article is designed to equip you with a deep musical understanding of the F7 guitar chord, featuring six chord charts for variety and a dedicated frequently asked questions section to resolve any uncertainties you might have, ensuring you can play the F7 chord with confidence & clarity.

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The Music Theory Behind The F7 Chord

Understanding the F7 guitar chord is a key step in refining your musical prowess. This chord, a dominant 7th, is crafted by layering a major triad (notes F, A, and C) with a minor 7th (Eb)—a note precisely one whole step shy of a full octave.

In the architecture of chords, the F7 is like a keystone in an arch, holding the tension in a piece before gracefully ceding to the homecoming chord, the tonic, in the key of Bb major.

For those moments when your fingers need to navigate the fretboard with more agility, remember that the fifth (C) can be omitted, a handy tip that doesn’t sacrifice the F7’s distinctive bite. Here’s a streamlined table illustrating the F7’s composition:

FRootFoundation Note
AMajor 3rdCompletes Triad
CPerfect 5thOptional for Grip
EbMinor 7thAdds Tension

This chord doesn’t just vibrate strings; it resonates with the listener, injecting a dose of anticipation into the music that’s as palpable as the prelude to a long-awaited drop in your favorite track.

How To Play The F7 Chord

Maybe you just wanted to know how to play the chord to get back to your song, that’s okay too.

F7 Guitar Chord Open Position

Here’s the finger placement:

  • Place your index finger on the first fret of the high e string.
  • Next, place your middle finger on the 2nd fret of the G string.
  • Now, place your ring finger on the third fret of the D string.
  • This one is tricky, but place your pinky on the 4th fret of the B string.
  • Finally, strum just the top 4 strings that you fretted & keep the bottom 2 strings muted.

This one might be a bit tough for beginners right off the bat but there’s also a few more ways to play it. Check them out below! And if you are having trouble reading these charts, check out our article on how to read guitar chords charts.

how to play the f7 chord in the open position

F7 Guitar Chord Barre Shape

This one is what’s called a barre chord, meaning that you use a finger to cover many strings. In this case, here’s the finger placement:

  • Place your index finger across all of the strings at the first fret.
  • Next, place your middle finger on the 2nd fret of the G string.
  • Now, place your ring finger on the third fret of the A string.
  • Finally, strum all of the strings for a full sounding & powerful chord.

Having trouble with this chord? Check out these tips to master barre chords.

how to play the f7 guitar chord in a barre shape

Other Ways To Play The F7 Guitar Chord

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how to play F7 on guitar in an alternate way
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Learn To Play Other Dominant Guitar Chords

Dominant chords, as a type of 7th chord, bring a distinct tension and resolution to music. Their unique blend of major and minor intervals creates a compelling sound that often leads to satisfying harmonic progressions in your guitar playing journey. Here’s how to play the basic ones:

LetterDominant Chord
AHow To Play The A7 Chord
BHow To Play The B7 Chord
CHow To Play The C7 Chord
DHow To Play The D7 Chord
EHow To Play The E7 Chord
FHow To Play The F7 Chord
GHow To Play The G7 Chord

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an F7 chord?

An F7 chord is a dominant 7th chord. Sometimes people call these chords major minor chords because they stack a major triad and a minor 7th.

What chord does F7 resolve to?

Good question! The F7 chord resolves to Bb major. That is because the dominant chord leads to the tonic, and if F is the V of Bb, then Bb, is your tonic.

How do you play F7 easy?

The easiest way to play F7 is the 6th method we listed. It only requires 2 fingers. It is in the 3rd inversion, but it is still a F7 chord.

Is F7 a major chord?

No, F7 is technically not a major chord. If we were to make a F major 7 chord, we would use the notes F A C E. A major triad and a major 7th. Dominant chords are sort of a hybrid between major 7ths and minor 7ths.

Is F7 a minor chord?

No, F7 is a dominant chord. A minor 7th chord stacks a minor triad and a minor 7th, so for example, Fmin7 would have the notes F Ab C Eb. Can you see the difference?

What key is the F7 chord in music?

F7 is in the key of Bb major. You may also see it in Bb minor, since many songwriters like to make the v chord a V7. There are also such things as secondary dominants, which are a type of modulation, but we won’t get into that here.


Today we explored the F7 chord, focusing on its composition and different ways to play. The F7 chord consists of the notes F, A, C, and Eb, following the structure of a dominant 7th chord by combining a major triad and a minor 7th. 

Dominant chords like F7 play a crucial role in creating tension and instability in harmonic progressions, typically leading to the tonic chord. We also went over six detailed chord charts demonstrating how to play the F7 chord in various positions, accommodating both beginners and more advanced players. 

We also addressed frequently asked questions about the F7 chord, clarifying its nature as a dominant 7th chord and its resolution to the Bb major chord. Lastly, we clarified misconceptions by affirming that F7 is not a major or minor chord but a distinct dominant chord.

Hopefully by now you have a comprehensive understanding of the F7 chord, including both theoretical comprehension and practical application on the guitar.

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