The E7 Chord – Dominant Chords Made Easy!

The guitar chord E7 has the notes E G# B and D. It is a type of 7th chord called a dominant 7th. You can find the E7 chord as the V in the key of A Major.

E7 Chord

E7 Chord Music Theory

Guitarists are lucky in the way that they can learn the shape of the guitar, but sometimes they forget to pay attention to how the chords work. Let’s have a quick music theory rundown of the E7 guitar chord which is a derivative of 7th chords.

  • E7 has 4 notes: E G# B and D. Although the B is optional in most contexts!
  • E7 is a dominant 7th chord.
  • A dominant 7th chord is the V7 chord in a major key. You can build these chords by stacking a minor 7th over a major triad. Some people call these chords Major-minor 7ths.
  • E7 is the V chord in A major.
  • Dominant chords are built by stacking a major triad and a minor 7th.

How To Play The E7 Chord

Once you learn how to play your chord shapes, you can play basically any chord! E7 is no different.

E7 Guitar Chord Open Position

E7 open position

E7 Guitar Chord Barre Shape

E7 Barre Chord

Other Ways To Play The E7 Guitar Chord

E7 Guitar Chord
E7 Chord On Guitar
Guitar Chord E7
E7 Easy Guitar

Learn To Play Other Dominant Guitar Chords

Dominant chords, as a type of 7th chord, bring a distinct tension and resolution to music. Their unique blend of major and minor intervals creates a compelling sound that often leads to satisfying harmonic progressions in your guitar playing journey. Here’s how to play the basic ones:

LetterDominant Chord
AHow To Play The A7 Chord
BHow To Play The B7 Chord
CHow To Play The C7 Chord
DHow To Play The D7 Chord
EHow To Play The E7 Chord
FHow To Play The F7 Chord
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an E7 chord?

An E7 chord is a dominant 7 chord. These chords are unstable and create tension to be resolved. Many beginners confuse dominant 7 chords with Major or minor 7th chords, since there are only 2 main types of triads(4 total).

When you begin using 7th chords, introducing just one more note to the chord gives you more chord qualities. Thus, there are 5 different types of 7th chords that you should learn.

What chord does E7 resolve to?

The movement of V to I is a common and powerful movement in music. In the context of the key of A major, the E7 chord resolves to A major.

Is E7 a power chord?

No, power chords have a root, and two 5ths. Dominant 7th chords have a root, major 3rd, perfect 5th, and minor 7th.

Is E7 the same as E maj7?

No, these chords serve different harmonic functions, and have different notes. 

E7, as we know, has the notes E G# B D. E major has the notes E G# B D#. The difference is the quality of the 7th.

E7 is the V chord in the key of A major, whereas E major is the I or the IV chord in E major or B major.

Is E7 Chord Dominant?

Yes, the E7 chord is dominant.


Remember, it’s not just about the shape on the fretboard but understanding the theory behind it. E7, with its E, G#, B, and D, takes the spotlight as a dominant 7th chord, playing the V role in the key of A Major. So, don’t just strum away; dive into the theory, embrace the variations, and let the E7 chord guide your musical exploration. 

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