The Dmaj7 Guitar Chord & 6 Easy Ways To Play It

The Dmaj7 guitar chord is a 4 note chord with the notes D F# A and C#. Dmaj7 is short for “D Major 7”. A major 7 chord is a chord built with a major triad and a major 7th. Dmaj7 is found in the keys of D Major, B minor, and A major.

In this article we will cover 6 different ways to play D major 7 all across your guitar, and we will also include critical theory so you understand how these chords work and what makes them special. Let’s play the Dmaj7 guitar chord!

how to play the Dmaj7 guitar chord, d major 7 guitar chord theory and alternate ways of playing

DMaj7 Guitar Chord Theory

The DMaj7 chord, with its distinctively rich and full sound, is a staple in the vocabulary of guitarists, especially those delving into jazz and ballads. Comprising four notes—D, F#, A, and C#—the DMaj7 chord is constructed by stacking a series of musical intervals above the root note, D.

These intervals are a major third (D to F#), a perfect fifth (D to A), and a major seventh (D to C#), which combine to create a harmonically complete and sonically pleasing chord. In the context of key signatures, DMaj7 serves different roles: as the tonic chord in the key of D major, the mediant in B minor, and the subdominant in A major. These relationships highlight the chord’s versatility and its ability to convey a sense of resolution or gentle tension within progressions.

Interval Above RootNoteInterval Type
Major 3rdF#Major 3rd
Perfect 5thAPerfect 5th
Major 7thC#Major 7th

How To Play The DMaj7 Guitar Chord

Guitar chord charts like the ones below depict the fretboard of the guitar, with vertical lines representing the strings, from the low E on the left to the high E on the right. Horizontal lines stand for frets, and dots on the chart indicate finger placement, with numbers specifying which finger to use—1 for index, 2 for middle, and so on. An “X” above a string signals it should be muted or not played, and an “O” indicates that the string should be played open.

dmaj7 guitar chord diagram 1
d major 7 guitar chord diagram 2
dmaj7 chord diagram 3

Alternate Ways To Play D Major 7 Guitar Chord

D Major 7 guitar chords, 
d maj 7 chord guitardiagram 4
D Maj7 guitar, dmaj7 guitar chord diagram 5
dmaj7 guitar chord diagram 6

How To Play Other Major 7 Chords

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Dmaj7 and D7 chords?

While these chords may look and sound the same at first glance, Dmaj7 and D7 are different. In music, a one note difference can completely change the sound and function of a chord.

First off, the Dmaj7 guitar chord is a major 7th chord, while D7 is a Dominant 7th chord. If you need help understanding the differences between these two types of 7th chords, please see our article on the topic.

Next, D major 7 has the notes D F# A C#, while D7 has the notes D F# A C.

D major 7 is used in the key of D major, B minor, and A major, whereas D7 is only used in the key of G major and sometimes G minor.

If you are wondering why that is, it is because these two chords serve different functions. D7 is a dominant chord, meaning it is usually the 5th chord in a key, the primary function of the dominant chord is to lead back to the tonic. (D7 -> Gmaj7) While in the key of D, D maj7 IS the tonic (A7 -> Dmaj7)

What notes make up Dmaj7?

The notes that make up Dmaj7 are D, F#, A, and C#. We get these notes from stacking a root (D), Major 3rd (F#), Perfect 5th (A), and Major 7th (C#).

What chord goes with Dmaj7?

All of the chords in D major sound great with Dmaj7 guitar chord. Try playing D major 7 along with the other chords in the key: Em, F#m, G, A7, and Bm.

What key is Dmaj7 in?

Dmaj7 is of course in the key of D major, but you can also find it in its relative minor, Bm, and the key of A major.

Is Dmaj7 a barre chord?

D major7 can be a barre chord, depending on the voicing you use to play it. A barre chord is a chord which involves the index finger barred across five or six strings at the same fret, essentially creating a new nut.


This article covered insights into six different ways to play the Dmaj7 chord on the guitar, accompanied by the theoretical knowledge necessary to help you understand its unique characteristics. 

Dmaj7 is a melodious chord consisting of the notes D, F#, A, and C#. As a major 7th chord, it finds its place in the keys of D Major, B minor, and A major, adding harmonic dimension to music. 

Remember, Dmaj7 is distinct from D7, as it serves a different musical purpose and can be found in various musical contexts. Now, let’s pick up your guitar and embark on the adventure of playing the Dmaj7 chord!

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