6 Ways To Play The B Maj7 Guitar Chord

The B maj7 guitar chord is a 4 note chord. The chord tones are B D# F# A#. The intervals that make a major 7th chord are a root, major 3rd, perfect 5th, and a major 7th, which is one half step below the octave root note.

Included in this article are 6 ways to play the B maj 7 guitar chord across the fretboard. But we won’t just show you how to play the chord, we will explain the necessary music theory behind building B maj 7 chords so you can do it on your own. Well, let’s get started.

B Maj7 Guitar Chord

B Maj7 Guitar Chord Theory

Sure, maybe you can get by just learning chord shapes, and that’s okay. However if you really want to be a learned musician, it is important to learn some music theory along the way. These universal principles are hacks to understanding all chords and the underlying structure behind music.

  • B maj7 is a 4 note chord.
  • The notes that make up a B maj7 chord are B D# F# and A#.
  • To build a major 7th chord, you must stack the intervals of a root, major 3rd, perfect 5th, and major 7th.
  • B major 7 is used in the keys B major and F# major, as well as G# minor and D# minor.

How To Play B Major 7

B Maj7
B Major 7
B Maj7 Barre Chord
B Maj7 guitar chord
B Major 7 guitar chord
B Maj7 guitar

How To Play Other Major 7 Chords

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play B Maj7 on guitar?

Check out the diagrams above!

What notes are in the B Maj7 chord?

The notes in a B maj7 chord are B D# F# and A#. I know this because B D F A without accidentals is a fully diminished chord in the key of C, so I mentally add sharps to make the intervals bigger, thus changing the quality of the chord.

What is the Maj7 chord on guitar?

A major 7 chord is a type of 7th chord. All 7th chords have 4 notes: a root, 3rd, 5th, and 7th. However, the distinguishing factors of 7th chords are the quality of these intervals. For example, a Major 7th chord will be built using a root, major 3rd, perfect 5th, and major 7th.

Major 7th chords serve a similar function to major triads, however adding the 7th gives the chord a little bit more flavor and specificity. If triads are primary colors like blue, yellow, and red, then 7th chords are secondary colors like violet or orange.

What are maj7 chords good for?

Experimenting with major 7th chords can add a more emotive quality to your music. 7th chords in general became popular as music began to develop into an art form, especially in genres like impressionism and jazz. Just know that using them requires more careful consideration.


The B major 7 chord is a beautiful chord to add to your musical toolbox. The B major 7 chord can be found in the keys of B major and F# major, as well as G# minor and D# minor.

The B maj7 chord has the notes B, D#, F#, and A#. It is built by stacking a root, major 3rd, perfect 5th, and major 7th. There are quite a few ways to play B major 7 on a guitar, so we included 6 of the most important ways you should learn.

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