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How Much Guitar Practice Is Too Much - man playing re gibson explorer

How Much Guitar Practice Is Too Much?

How much guitar practice is too much? Is there such a thing & what’s the optimal amount? Find out inside & other frequently asked questions you might have…

when should i change my guitar strings

When Should I Change My Guitar Strings

When should I change my guitar strings you might ask. Changing your strings is something all guitarists must do. Here’s what to look for to know when it’s time

how to make homemade guitar picks - flying v guitar with flames & handcrafted guitar picks by iron age guitar accessories

How To Make Homemade Guitar Picks

Save money, exercise your creativity, and personalize your playing experience with homemade guitar picks! These can be made out of everyday items like plastic sheets, old credit cards, and more…

The History of The Electric Guitar Elektrofryingpan

The History of The Electric Guitar

While guitars in general go back as far as the 16th century, the history of the electric guitar is a bit more modern (less than 100 years!)

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