Is A Better Guitar Easier To Play

When it comes to buying a guitar, you might be asking yourself: Is a better guitar easier to play? or is it worth investing in a higher quality instrument? The quick answer is YES – a higher-end guitar can make playing easier and help you take your skill levels to the next level. A  better guitar might stay in tune more accurately, it might feel better in your hands, but also it can inspire you to actually pick it up and practice!

However, below are some considerations before you jump head first into an expensive new instrument. It all comes down to your skill, budget, and needs.
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Is A Better Guitar Easier To Play

Understand Your Skill Level

Before shopping for a new guitar, you first need to understand your current skill level. Do you have basic knowledge of chords and rhythms? Or are you more experienced and know how to read musical notation? Understanding your skill level will help determine which kind of guitar is right for you – and make sure you don’t end up with an instrument that’s too advanced.

If starting out, there’s no need to take out a 2nd mortgage & go straight for a PRS Private stock. A beginner guitar under $200  should suffice to determine if you even like playing guitar as a hobby. A mid-tier option would be something like a standard American Fender Strat in the $500-700 range. Personally, if I knew guitar was an absolute that I wanted to get into, I would go with a mid-tier instrument as it would give more room to grow into.

If you’re not that sure about what you want, or budgeting is an issue, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a lower end instrument. The point is that you get strumming & learning new things, & expressing yourself through music.

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Consider Your Budget and Needs

Before buying a guitar, consider your budget and skills as mentioned previously. There is a wide range of guitars to choose from, from starter models that sell for a couple hundred dollars up to premium models that can cost thousands. The best way to determine what you need is by doing some research & comparing guitars. Consider the woods the body of the guitar is made from, the neck and fretboard material, number of frets, and pickups. All these details are important when selecting a quality instrument.

As a beginner do you really need all the fancy hardware though? All you need to start your guitar journey is an instrument that has working electronics, stays in tune (or you’ll quickly learn how to tune), and feels good in your hands. This brings us to our next point!

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Test Drive the Guitar Before You Commit to Buying It

When investing in a guitar, it’s not enough to just look at pictures and read descriptions – you should also try it out in person. Visit a music store and take some time to play the guitar so that you can make sure it feels comfortable and the sound is what you’re looking for. Make sure to ask questions so that you get all the information necessary before committing to making a purchase.

You might be surprised to find a lower cost guitar that feels better & easier to play. Or you’ll determine that a mid-tier instrument is an investment that you’re ready to make. One important thing to bring back up though, is that whatever you choose, that instrument should inspire you!

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