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A m Guitar Chord 101: 3 Easy Ways To Play

The A minor (A m guitar chord) is an essential chord for beginner guitar player and those seeking to expand their chord repertoire. It is widely used in various music genres, including…

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How To Strum On Guitar: A Beginners Guide

When it comes to playing the guitar, one cannot underestimate the vital role of strumming. It is the heartbeat that infuses life into every chord, melody, and song. For newer guitar players eager to embark on their guitar journey, understanding how to strum on guitar is paramount.

Dm Chord

Easy Ways to Play The Dm Chord!

The Dm chord on guitar is a minor triad made from the notes D F A. Dm is the abbreviation for D Minor; another way to abbreviate it is Dmin or D-.

a sus guitar chords

A Sus Guitar Chords Made Easy!

If you know how to play an A major chord, learning the Asus guitar chords is easy! The Asus 4 chord has the notes ADE and the Asus2 has the notes ABE.

Easy F Guitar Chord

Easy F Guitar Chords For Beginners

The F chord is made of the notes FAC. There are many ways to play the f chord, but the open position is the best way for a beginner to learn. Read more…

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