Best Guitar Amp for Metal: Unleashing High-Gain Fury

Guitar amplifiers are essential tools for musicians aiming to project their sound with clarity and power, particularly within the metal genre, which is known for its heavy riffs and high-gain distortion. The best guitar amp for metal can elevate your tone, delivering the aggressive soundscapes that define the genre. Metal musicians often rely on amplifiers that can produce intense volume and sustain without losing definition or succumbing to unwanted noise.

When it comes to selecting the best guitar amp for metal, several key features are paramount. High gain capabilities are crucial as they allow the amp to produce the iconic thick, compressed tone associated with metal music. Durability and reliability must also be considered, since metal guitarists frequently perform at high volumes and require equipment that can withstand rigorous use. Equalization controls are important as well to sculpt and refine the amp’s sonic output, tailoring it to the specific nuances of the subgenre played—be it thrash, death metal, or progressive metal.

Equally important is considering the amp’s responsiveness to effects pedals, as many metal guitarists use an array of pedals to shape their unique sounds. Some amplifiers integrate better with pedals than others, and choosing an amp that complements your existing pedal setup is crucial. Lastly, the size and portability may be significant factors depending on whether the amp is for studio, practice, or live performance use.

In our extensive search to guide you to the perfect sound, we have rigorously tested and analyzed numerous guitar amps tailored for metal music. We have looked for those that deliver not just the power and gain required, but also the versatility and durability to become a mainstay in any metal guitarist’s rig.

Best Guitar Amp for Metal Unleashing High-Gain Fury

Top Guitar Amps for Metal Enthusiasts

Metal music demands high-performance equipment to truly capture its intensity and precision. Our selection of guitar amps is catered to the needs of metal guitarists, whether you’re playing at home or on stage. We’ve carefully considered features like high gain capacity, robust EQ controls, and the ability to produce the signature chunky, tight, and aggressive tones that metal genre fans admire. Each amp on our list stands out for its quality and ability to let you dial in those heavy riffs and searing solos. Join us as we explore the best guitar amps that will elevate your metal sound to the next level.

Boss Katana-50 MkII Amp

Boss Katana-50 MkII 1 x 12-inch 50-watt Combo Amp

After plugging in and rocking out, we can confidently say that the Boss Katana-50 MkII is a versatile powerhouse that metal guitarists will revel in for its sound and features.


  • Robust build and easy to carry, making it an ally for gigging guitarists
  • Surprisingly rich and varied tones attainable through its built-in effects
  • User-friendly interface allows quick tweaking to nail those metal tones


  • Lacks the nuanced sound of high-end tube amplifiers
  • The sheer number of options might overwhelm beginners
  • Factory presets may require fine-tuning for perfectionists

Our first riff through this amp made it clear: its aggressive, punchy tones are ideal for metal distortion. The Boss Katana-50 MkII handles downtuned guitars with ease, keeping the low-end tight and defined. It’s impressive how it maintains clarity even when the gain is cranked up.

Navigating the onboard effects feels like having an entire pedalboard at your fingertips. From the echoey depths of its delays to the snarling bite of its overdrive, we found ourselves crafting custom sounds that would usually require a plethora of external units.

Despite its digital nature, the Katana-50 MkII projects an analog warmth that belies its solid-state circuitry. We especially loved its USB connectivity, opening the door to direct recording, which sounded magnificent – a true boon for any metal musician’s home studio.

In conclusion, Boss’s versatility in the Katana-50 MkII positions it as a must-try amp for any metal enthusiast looking to unleash their sound with might and ease.

JOYO Zombie-II Mini Amp

JOYO Zombie-II Mini Amp

We find the JOYO Zombie-II Mini Amp to be an exceptional choice for metal enthusiasts seeking raw power in a compact size.


  • Monumental high-gain tones in a mini amp format
  • Separate channels for clean and distorted tones with independent control
  • Bluetooth connectivity for play-alongs and easy song learning


  • May require a noise gate due to high gain
  • Requires an additional speaker cab to use. We recommend going with at least a single 12″ speaker.
  • Some users may prefer all-tube amps over hybrid designs

After shredding on the JOYO Zombie-II, the amp impresses with a massive sound that defies its small stature; it packs a punch. The high-gain tones are gritty and aggressive, making it perfect for those bone-crushing metal riffs. Switching to the clean channel, there’s a surprising clarity and it takes pedals like a champ, enhancing the amp’s versatility.

Having a dual-channel setup with separate controls for gain and tone allows for precise sound sculpting, critical for perfecting both rhythm crunch and lead wail. It’s easy to dial in exactly the right balance between crispness and distortion, crafting your own signature metal sound.

The added Bluetooth functionality is a win for us, allowing for a seamless experience when playing along to tracks or when learning new songs. And when the nighttime inspiration hits, the headphone input is a savior, providing quality sound without waking the neighbors.

Despite its fierce output, the JOYO Zombie-II doesn’t come without the need for fine-tuning. When dialing the gain high, the noise level increases, suggesting the pairing with a noise gate might be necessary to tighten up those palm-muted passages. Although it’s quite loud for its size, the 20-watt output might be a limitation for those intending to use it in larger venues without a proper PA system.

While some purists may advocate for a full-tube amp, this hybrid marvel brings a solid-state dependability to the mix, ensuring consistent performance gig after gig. Although it’s not a full-blown tube monster, it manages to capture that coveted warm tube essence that metal tones thrive on.

In conclusion, the JOYO Zombie-II Mini Amp head is not just another mini amplifier; it’s a powerful tool that brings premium metal tones right to your fingertips. Whether in the bedroom or mic’d up on stage, this amp delivers a monstrous sound that can truly inspire your metal journey.

Roland CUBE-10GX

Roland CUBE-10GX

We believe the Roland CUBE-10GX is an excellent choice for metalheads looking for a compact amp with versatile sound options and onboard effects.


  • Swappable COSM amp models utilizing a mobile app for custom tones
  • The built-in effects and three-band EQ allow for extensive tonal shaping
  • Lightweight and portable design, suitable for bedroom practice and recording


  • With 10 watts of power, it may not be ideal for larger gig settings
  • The 8-inch speaker might lack the depth desired for certain metal tones
  • Limited to three onboard amp types without using the external app

When we cranked up the Roland CUBE-10GX, the first thing that stood out was its solid tone. Despite its modest size, the custom 8-inch speaker delivered the full, rich sound we crave in metal music. The construction is rugged, reflecting the Roland reputation for durable gear. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in any practice space without being obtrusive.

Tweaking the sound to get that precise metal edge was seamless. With the CUBE KIT app, we had a blast experimenting with various amp types, from classic to ultra-heavy. The chorus, delay, and reverb effects refined our sound without the need for extra pedals, which is a huge plus for any guitarist looking to minimize their rig.

In our experience, this amp shines in a home setting, perfect for those dedicated practice sessions. While the built-in Clean, Crunch, and Lead settings offer a great starting point, the real fun begins when you swap them out via the app. The customization potential is vast, and we found ourselves dialing in tones that ranged from crisp and articulate to thick and saturated.

The Roland CUBE-10GX’s combination of size, sound, and versatility makes it a standout choice for both aspiring and experienced metal guitarists looking for a reliable practice amp.

Line 6 Spider V 20

Line 6 Spider V 20 MKII

Whether you’re shredding riffs at home or on the go, this Line 6 amp delivers meaty tones that will satisfy your metal cravings.


  • Boasts a range of tones and effects
  • Intuitive controls expedite sound customization
  • USB connectivity enhances recording ease


  • 20 watts may not suffice for larger venues
  • Limited preset variety compared to higher-end models
  • Users may outgrow the amp as they advance

We’ve just jammed with the Line 6 Spider V 20 MKII and the experience was a blast. Right out of the box, the indulgent, thick metal tones beckon you to play for hours. Its simplicity makes it a breeze to kickstart your practice session or capture a new riff that strikes your fancy.

Navigating through presets and tweaking effects feels intuitive with this amplifier. You don’t need a manual to sound like a pro; tweak a few knobs, and you’re likely to find the sound playing in your head. It also serves up some clean tones if you want to round out your practice.

For those bent on recording, the USB interface is incredibly convenient. Connect it to your device, and you’re ready to lay down tracks on your digital workstation without any fuss. It’s a robust feature, especially for such a compact unit.

Our verdict? The Spider V 20 packs a punch when it comes to practice and small jams. If you yearn for bone-crushing metal tones and simplicity in a small package, this amp could be your new best friend.

JOYO 15W Digital Amp

JOYO 15W Portable Amp

We think the JOYO 15W Digital Amp is a solid choice for any metal guitarist looking for a versatile and portable practice amp.


  • Versatile tone options with nine amp models
  • Convenient Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming
  • Impressively Portable with a built-in rechargeable battery


  • Sound quality might not meet all expectations
  • More complex functionality could be challenging for beginners
  • The price point may feel high compared to other models

After shredding on the JOYO 15W Digital Amp, we’ve found its versatility to be quite impressive, especially considering the range of amp models it offers. The metal setting packs a decent punch, dialing in that heavy sound with ease.

The Bluetooth feature is a game-changer; it’s a breeze to wirelessly stream backing tracks during practice sessions. Imagine seamlessly integrating your favorite songs into your practice routine – that’s what this amp makes possible.

Besides its tone capabilities, the compact size and built-in battery of this amp cannot be overstated. Its portability means you can take your metal music anywhere – no extra gear required. We jammed for hours without needing a power outlet, and the performance didn’t skip a beat.

On the flip side, while the tones are adequate, some may find the sound isn’t as rich or intense as more specialized (and often more expensive) amps. This might not be the amp that satisfies the most discerning ears, but it certainly does the job for practice and small gigs.

Navigating the various effects and settings might seem daunting at first. But once we familiarized ourselves with the controls, tweaking the sound became intuitive. This isn’t a plug-and-play amp; it rewards the time spent getting to know it.

Lastly, when it comes to value, the JOYO 15W might seem a bit pricey. Yet, for an amp that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and portable practice device, we believe it’s worth considering, especially for those who value mobility and multifunctionality.

Marshall MG10G Combo Amp

Marshall MG10G Combo Amp

We think this amp is a solid choice for metal enthusiasts looking for that iconic Marshall growl in a compact form.


  • Compact and easily portable for on-the-go practice
  • Classic Marshall overdrive that’s perfect for metal riffs
  • Headphone output allows for silent practice sessions


  • Limited wattage is not suitable for larger venues or performances
  • Fewer onboard effects compared to larger models
  • A beginner’s amp that might be outgrown by more advanced players

After jamming on this Marshall MG10G, it’s clear why the brand holds such reverence in the metal community. The combo amp’s 10W output doesn’t compromise on that aggressive overdrive that’s essential for metal. Whether you’re shredding solos or chugging power chords, the tone stays defined and rich with distortion.

When we needed to keep it down, this amp’s headphone output was a lifesaver. Late-night practice sessions didn’t have to stop, and the sound quality through headphones remained consistent. It’s this kind of flexibility that makes the Marshall MG10G ideal for bedroom guitarists.

Another thing that stood out was the amp’s simplicity. Plug in and play; it’s that straightforward. There are no complicated setups or menus to navigate. It’s all about focusing on your playing. For those moments when we craved more low-end punch or needed to dial back the highs, the contour control knob made it easy to find the right balance.


FLAMMA FA05 Electric Guitar Amplifier

If you’re on the hunt for a versatile and portable amp for metal tones, the FLAMMA FA05 delivers ample features that cater to both practice and recording sessions.


  • Diverse range of preamp models offering everything from clean to heavily distorted sounds.
  • Built-in effects and drum machine greatly enhance practice sessions.
  • Battery power option and Bluetooth connectivity for on-the-go use.


  • Limited volume may not suit live performance requirements.
  • Some users may find the effects quality average compared to specialized pedals.
  • Built-in speaker may not satisfy those looking for a larger, fuller sound.

Playing through the FLAMMA FA05 makes home practice sessions an absolute delight, especially with the variety of amp simulations at our fingertips. We’ve found that switching between the clean and distorted tones provides a real feel of diversity, catering to a wide range of metal genres. The convenience of Bluetooth for jamming along with our favorite tracks is a definite bonus.

Using the built-in effects, we’ve managed to craft sounds that inspire, without needing a pedalboard at our feet. The chorus adds a nice width to the clean tones, while the reverb and delay effects give the metal tones that extra dimension, great for those soaring leads.

We also can’t overlook the drum machine; it’s like having a personal drummer around whenever we need to work on our timing or spice up a practice session. The different drum patterns have us covered from slow ballads to fast-paced metal thrash.

In sum, the FLAMMA FA05 is a compact powerhouse, ideal for practice and small recording projects where space and convenience are key.

Blackstar FLY3 Mini Amp

Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier fly3

We recommend this amp if you’re looking for a highly portable, versatile option that doesn’t compromise on metal tones.


  • Immense sound in a small package
  • Innovative features like the ISF and tape delay
  • Multipurpose with MP3/Line In


  • Limited to 3 Watts of power
  • May require additional batteries
  • Input options might be basic for some

We’ve been taken aback by the sheer volume this miniature beast can produce. The Blackstar FLY3 Mini Amp, despite its diminutive size, has surprised us with its full, rich metal tones capable of cutting through any mix. The ISF feature allows for a vast array of sound tweaking, making it simple to dial in the perfect tone for any metal riff.

The portability factor makes it a standout choice. Being able to jam along to our favorite tracks with the MP3 line-in has changed our practice sessions for the better. We’ve found it’s not just for guitarists; the FLY3 doubles effectively as a set of speakers for any mobile device.

One aspect we can’t ignore is the 3 Watt power output. While admirable for its size, it does limit the FLY3’s use in larger spaces or with a full band. And when you’re in the middle of a face-melting solo, the last thing you want is to run out of power—keep a stash of AA batteries handy or invest in a power adapter.

Nonetheless, metal enthusiasts seeking a compact practice amp with real grunt, the Blackstar FLY3 Mini Amp is a prime choice. It’s a no-brainer for warm-up sessions, hotel room practice, or simply kicking back with some tracks after a show.

Buying Guide

When we are in the market for a guitar amp specifically tailored to metal, we need to consider several critical factors that reflect on the amp’s performance and our requirements.

Power and Size

It’s imperative to assess the wattage an amp delivers. Generally, for practice sessions, amps with lower wattage are sufficient. Conversely, live performances demand more powerful amps.

  • Practice: 10-30 watts
  • Gigs: 50+ watts

Amplifier Types

We distinguish between solid-state, tube, and digital modeling amplifiers. Solid-state amps are reliable and require less maintenance, while tube amps are known for their superior tone quality. Digital modeling amps offer a variety of sounds and effects.

Sound Customization

We look for amps that allow extensive sound customization. Equalizers with multiple bands and built-in effects such as reverb and delay can significantly enhance the sound.

EQ Bands:

Essential for depthCrucial for clarityAdds brightness

Additional Features

  • Built-in Effects: Most beneficial for experimenting with sound.
  • Speakers: The right speaker size (usually 12 inches for metal) greatly affects the quality of output.
Speaker SizeSound Focus
LargerFuller Bass
SmallerPointed Mids
  • Construction & Durability: Sturdy construction ensures longevity, especially for touring musicians.


We must also check for adequate connectivity options. This includes:

  • Input/Output: Multiple inputs/outputs for flexibility.
  • Footswitch: Useful for effect toggling.
  • USB: For direct recording or updates.

Choosing our ideal metal guitar amp requires careful consideration of these aspects. Our focus should always be on the combination of features that best suit our unique style and playing needs.

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