How To Take Guitar Strings Off (Acoustic or Electric)

Maybe you need a quick refresher, are curious, or are looking at doing your first maintenance on your guitar. Whatever the case, we’ll show you a couple quick ways to take guitar strings off of an acoustic & fixed bridge electric guitar.

To break it down to the essentials, here’s the steps you need to take:

  1. Loosen the tuning pegs 1 at a time(start with thinnest if removing all of them).
    1. Which way do you loosen guitar strings? Counter-clockwise. Remember “righty-tighty/lefty-loosey” which also applies to most things such as turning screws, faucets, and even hardware on a guitar.
    2. Another way is to pluck the string, then turn the peg & listen for the tone to lower. If it goes higher instead, then you’re turning the wrong way.
  2. Once the strings are loosened, start to unravel the string ends from the tuning pegs until you get them disconnected. Be careful tugging on the string ends as they can be sharp! We recommend using pliers but it’s not necessary.
  3. For an electric, just carefully remove the string off by pulling the ball-end of the string near the bridge. For an acoustic, you will have to carefully tug on the bridge pin for each string to get them off. Some classical guitars don’t use bridge pins & in that case, you just just have to untie the strings at the end.

That’s essentially all there is to it! If you want to go further in depth, scroll a bit further & we’ll include some videos for each guitar specifically (acoustic/electric)

Take Guitar Strings Off -fender squire tuning pegs

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Why Would You Want To Remove Your Strings?

  • It helps to maintain the quality and playability of the instrument, as old or worn-out strings can affect the tone and intonation of the guitar.
  • Fresh strings make it easier to play and sound better, which can enhance the overall musical experience.
  • Regularly changing strings can help prevent them from breaking during performances or recording sessions.
  • It’s also a good opportunity to inspect the guitar for any other maintenance needs, such as cleaning or adjusting the hardware.

How To Take Guitar Strings Off 

Here’s some more in-depth guides on how to get old guitar strings off of your guitar in order to change them, perform maintenance, or undergo repairs. 

Acoustic Guitar

First of all, it helps to have a couple of tools to make the job easier. The first one is a wire cutter & the other is a string winder which are widely available at any guitar shop or online. You also really only need 1 tool or the other. You can see in the video below that only some wire cutters are used but cutting the string is not required, you can simply undo it at the tuning peg then use a string winder to pull the bridge pin.

As far as preparation goes, you don’t need much other than ample space. Just be careful when pulling a bridge pin with a wire cutter, they’re usually plastic & can be damaged if too much force is applied. Also if you are removing all of the strings, start with the thinnest string & do the thickest string last; this is to prevent excess tension on the thinner strings & possibly breaking one.

Electric Guitar

Removing the strings on an electric guitar is a bit different as there are different styles of bridges, one of which we won’t cover here (a floating bridge). We’ll cover two of the most common styles however: a “Stop-tail” like on a Gibson Les Paul & a “String-through” like on a Fender Stratocaster.

In terms of tools required, you really don’t need any. You can loosed the string using the peg & untie it there as well. After that it can be strung out on the other end. No pins have to be pulled like on an acoustic guitar. As far as removing an excess amount of string, you can actually bend the string back & forth until it kinks & eventually it will produce a clean break at the tuning peg.

How Do You Remove Guitar Strings Without Tools?

Can you remove guitar strings without cutting them?  Absolutely, in most cases all you need to do is loosen the guitar string & undo it at the tuning peg. After that, you can usually just pull the string from the opposite end. With the string completely loose & disconnected from the tuning peg, I’m sure you’ll be able to easily figure out what to do next, which is either pulling the string out by the ball end (electric) or removing a bridge pin (acoustic).

Other Guitar String FAQ

Wondering how to get a pesky string unstuck on a Fender Stratocaster? Simply use a bottom E string & poke it through the top of the bridge like so:

What are the different number of strings on various guitars? Check out this string count article.

Can guitar strings actually go bad over time? We’ve got the answer & some string FAQs here.

What are the names of each string on a 6-string guitar? from thickest to thinnest, it’s EADGBE – Learn more about the string names here.


Removing guitar strings doesn’t have to be a big frustration & in fact gets much easier after the first couple of times. You also don’t need to cut the strings in order to take guitar strings off either, and in most cases don’t need any tools at all. All you have to do is loosen the tuning pegs and maybe pull the corresponding bridge pin for acoustic, or find a way to pull the ball-end on an electric.

We hope you found this guide useful for learning some guitar fundamentals & maintenance basics. If you have any other questions, feel free to send them in. Thanks for reading & stay tuned!

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