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The Guitar Chords section is focused to the fundamentals of guitar playing. You’ll discover articles & advice on how to master a wide array of chords that are vital for any guitar player.
This area is your go-to resource for improving your playing and growing your musical knowledge, with everything from major and minor chords to diminished & extended chords.

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how to read guitar chord diagrams, barre chord, read guitar chords

How To Read Guitar Chord Charts

Learning how to read guitar chord charts allows you to express yourself creatively, connect with others through music, and develop a valuable skill that can bring joy and fulfillment to your life.

bar chord, read chord charts, read chord diagrams, reading chord diagrams

Learn To Play The Major G Chord

Most guitarists can play an open G chord, but few understand how it works and when to use it. Read this article to learn how to play the Major G chord.

guitar chords F Major 7

How To Play The F Maj7 Guitar Chord

The notes of a FMaj7 chord are FACE. A 7th chord has 4 notes in it: the root, 3rd, 5th and 7th. Read to learn how to play the guitar chords F Major 7.

c sharp guitar chords

Learn To Play C Sharp Guitar Chords

C# is a major triad. It contains the notes C# E# and G#. This article includes diagrams of 8 ways to play the chord as well as essential music theory.

guitar chords f sharp

Learn To Play Guitar Chords F Sharp

Included in this article are chord diagrams of multiple ways to play F#, and then a more in depth analysis of the theory of the guitar chords f sharp.

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