Can Guitar Cables Be Used For Bass? This Might Shock You…

So can guitar cables be used for bass? The straight answer is YES! Both instruments use the same type of 1/4″ instrument cable so there’s no need to have a specialized “bass cable”. Furthermore, both instruments use the same type of inputs, both use pickups in the same way, & their amplifiers work similarly. It’s perfectly okay to use the same cable between these instruments.

Below you will also find some other related questions related to guitar cables & their uses. For more frequently asked questions about electric guitars, check out our guitar basics page

can guitar cables be used for bass

Can guitar cables be used on guitar pedals?

Yes, the same guitar cables that are used for an electric guitar can be used on guitar pedals because they have the same type of 1/4″ connections. However, this is not ideal since you would typically want to use “patch” cables for your pedals, which are much shorter & practical for the application.

Can I use a guitar cable instead of a speaker cable?

While it’s technically possible, it’s not recommended at all. Doing so can cause a variety of serious issues. These include, but are not limited to, signal interference, poor sound quality, and even the potential for damaging your equipment. It’s always better to use the correct cable for whatever needs you have.

As mentioned previously, “instrument cable” or “patch cables” can be used on guitars, basses, and effects pedals. However, “speaker cable” must be used to connect a high voltage guitar amp to a speaker cabinet. The reason is that speaker cable is specially designed to handle the higher voltage of the amplifier and its oscillating current, whereas a guitar cable is not—it’s much better suited for carrying signals from the instrument to the amp.


Do guitar cables need to be gold plated?

While gold plating is more resistant to corrosion or oxidation, guitar cables do not need gold plating. Furthermore, there’s no huge advantage although it does look nice, so if you’re willing to pay a premium then go for it!

If you’re just starting out as a guitarist or enthusiast, we recommend picking a cable that looks & feels good to you. Something that’s at least 10ft long but 20 or 25 will work for just about any scenario. If you’re mechanically inclined or know your way around electrical wiring, then consider an instrument cable with repairable hardware.

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