Best Acoustic Guitar Amp: 9 Options For Crystal Clear Tones

Acoustic guitar amps are specialized amplifiers designed to accurately reproduce the natural sound of the instrument. Unlike their electric guitar counterparts, which often aim to modify the guitar’s tone, acoustic amps strive to maintain the clarity, warmth, and resonance that acoustic players value. This distinction is crucial because the essence of acoustic performance lies in its authenticity and nuance; the best acoustic guitar amp options should amplify this without distortion or significant coloration.

When selecting the best acoustic guitar amp, it is important to consider several factors that can influence your sound and playing experience. The power rating is vital as it affects how well the amp will perform in different settings; a small venue might require less wattage, while larger stages demand more power. Additionally, built-in effects like reverb and chorus can enhance the natural tone of the guitar, and multiple channels can allow for the use of both a guitar and a microphone simultaneously, making these amps incredibly versatile for live performance.

Another critical consideration is the build quality and portability of the amp. Acoustic guitarists often play in a variety of settings, from coffee shops to open mic nights, and need an amp that can withstand the rigors of travel. Durability doesn’t have to come at the expense of weight, though, as many modern amps are designed to be lightweight yet robust. Lastly, the connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB, and DI outputs can greatly expand the amp’s utility, especially for recording or interfacing with other sound equipment.

Taking all these factors into account enables us to recommend amps that not only provide exceptional sound fidelity but also cater to the practical needs of performing musicians. We’ve meticulously evaluated a range of acoustic guitar amps to pinpoint the ones that stand out in functionality, portability, and overall sonic performance.

Best Acoustic Guitar Amps 9 Options For Crystal Clear Tones

Top Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

We’ve carefully selected a range of acoustic guitar amplifiers that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re practicing at home, performing in a coffee shop, or taking the stage at larger venues, our list ensures crystal-clear sound reproduction and enhances the natural tone of your acoustic guitar. Each option stands out for its quality, features, and reliability, making it easier for you to find the perfect amp to amplify your music.

Fender Acoustic 100

Fender Acoustic 100 Amplifier

We recommend the Fender Acoustic 100 for musicians seeking a natural and clear amplified acoustic sound with convenient features for live performances.


  • Crystal-clear amplification that enhances the guitar’s natural sound
  • Versatile connectivity enabled by Bluetooth, ideal for backing tracks
  • Built-in effects offer enhanced sound without external accessories


  • Limited volume output due to a single speaker may not suit large venues
  • At 18 pounds, some may find it slightly heavy for frequent transport
  • May experience durability issues based on a minority of user experiences

Upon unboxing the Fender Acoustic 100, its natural blonde wood aesthetic immediately gives off a vibe of elegance that we appreciate. It’s a stylish addition to any musician’s gear that doesn’t just look good but also feels robust.

Using the amp feels intuitive, with settings that allow us to fine-tune the sound easily. The dual channels come in handy for gigs where we juggle between guitars and vocals. The effects are commendable; they add a nice depth and ambiance without overshadowing the instrument’s voice.

Perhaps the standout feature is the Bluetooth streaming. During a small venue performance, we were able to connect our devices seamlessly for backing tracks, which was a real set enhancer. Although it’s not going to fill an auditorium, the sound projection is adequate for intimate settings.

In short sessions, the amp did not falter, projecting our acoustic guitar’s tones faithfully. However, for those planning on using it for more substantial gigs, it’s wise to consider the volume limitations. Still, for its price point, the feature set of the Fender Acoustic 100 makes it a valuable tool for acoustic artists.

Fishman Loudbox Mini BT

Fishman Loudbox Mini BT

We’ve had a real blast experimenting with the Loudbox Mini BT, and it’s not overhyped to say this amp is a solid bet for any acoustic player in need of natural sound and convenient features.


  • Crisp and clear acoustic reproduction
  • Light enough to carry anywhere
  • Handy Bluetooth connectivity for backing tracks


  • No phantom power for condenser mics
  • Could be too compact for larger venues
  • Pricier than basic models, yet justifiable

The Loudbox Mini BT from Fishman has become a reliable partner for our intimate gigs and practice sessions. Its portability is spot on; carrying it around for unplanned jams has been a breeze. The sound clarity is impeccable and truly honors the natural vibe of our acoustic instruments. We often use the Bluetooth feature to stream accompaniments, making solo performances more vibrant and engaging.

Adjusting the effects on the spot has allowed us to refine our sound without any fuss—be it adding a touch of reverb or dialing in the right amount of chorus. The feedback suppression comes in handy, especially in quirky live settings where we’re often too close to the crowd.

One minor hiccup we faced is the lack of phantom power. Our condenser mics needed an external source, but we quickly adapted with a battery-powered solution. Nevertheless, the mic input is a boon for those moments when vocals and guitar need to share the stage.

The Loudbox Mini BT strikes us as a go-to amp for its acoustic fidelity and user-friendly design. Although it’s not the cheapest, its quality and features provide bang for the buck. Larger venues might need more punch, but for small to medium settings, this amp has never let us down.

Vox VX50 AG Amp

Vox VX50 AG Amp

We believe this Vox VX50 AG is an excellent choice for musicians seeking a lightweight amp with clear, natural acoustic sound and versatile features for both guitar and vocals.


  • Impressively light, enhancing portability for gigs
  • Nutube technology offers warm, tube-like tones
  • Built-in effects like chorus and reverb enhance playability


  • Some condenser mics may not be compatible due to phantom power limitations
  • The 50W output may not deliver the expected volume for larger venues
  • Possible cabinet vibration at higher volumes can affect sound quality

Lugging around heavy equipment is a thing of the past with the Vox VX50 AG. We’ve taken it to a few coffee shop gigs and the ease of transport is just impressive. It fits almost anywhere, and setting it up is a breeze.

The sound quality is where Vox really shines. Our sessions have been blessed with the natural, rich tones that the Nutube technology is known to produce. It feels like we’re playing through a classic tube amp without the hassle that comes with the traditional tubes.

Our vocalist appreciated the dedicated mic channel. Having independent EQs for guitar and vocals, along with on-board effects, really allowed us to fine-tune our live sound. But be mindful, not all condenser mics work with it due to the phantom power rating.

We noticed the power output might leave some wanting. In a medium-sized room, it projects well, but for outdoor events or larger venue gigs, we’d recommend pairing it with a PA system.

Lastly, keeping your performance volume in check is key. At higher volumes, the cabinet can start to resonate a bit too much, which we found can muddy the clarity of the sound. It’s something to watch for when you’re playing those heart-thumping numbers.

Overall, for intimate venues and home studio use, the Vox VX50 AG delivers on many fronts. It’s not just about the sound; the practicality of this amp makes it a top choice for gigging guitarists who value quality and convenience.

Blackstar Acoustic Core 30

Blackstar Acoustic Core 30

After jamming on the Blackstar Acoustic Core 30, we confidently recommend it for its immersive sound and portable design ideal for practice, live sessions, and recording.


  • Rich, spatial sound with stereo widening technology
  • Livestreaming-ready with simple phone connectivity
  • Professional recording features with USB audio


  • Not the most powerful, better suited for smaller venues
  • Specialized cables for connectivity not included
  • Might require additional gear for large gigs

We recently had the chance to play around with the Blackstar Acoustic Core 30, and its variety of tones left us impressed. The Super Wide Stereo technology truly fills the room with a rich and spatial sound, making our acoustic sessions feel more alive. The reverb and chorus effects add a studio-quality sheen that can’t be overlooked, adding depth and vibrancy to each note.

Setting this amp up for a livestream is a breeze; connecting to a phone for direct audio feed elevates any performance, be it for Instagram live sessions or recording tracks in GarageBand. The ease of connectivity means we’re ready to go live at a moment’s notice, ensuring our music makes an impact online.

The Blackstar Acoustic Core 30 isn’t just for the show; it’s equally adept in a home studio. The low-latency USB audio out makes recording professional-quality tracks as straightforward as playing them. While it’s not the loudest amp, its sound holds up beautifully in an intimate setting. For larger gigs, though, we’d recommend pairing it with a more powerful PA system, as the amp’s direct mix out simplifies the process.

The one thing that struck us as a potential oversight is the lack of included specialized cables for phone connectivity. This means a separate purchase, which can be a slight inconvenience. When viewed as part of the bigger picture, however, it’s a minor hiccup in an otherwise stellar performance package. Whether for practice, performance, or production, the Blackstar Acoustic Core 30 offers an array of features that cater well to the modern musician’s needs.

Coolmusic AC20 Bluetooth Amp

Coolmusic Bluetooth Amp

After thoroughly testing the Coolmusic Acoustic Amp, we endorse it for those who seek a compact, versatile amp with clear sound quality for small venues and personal practice.


  • Dual-channel flexibility allows simultaneous connection of two instruments.
  • The rich, natural sound with reverb and chorus effects enhances playability.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity provides convenient audio playback options.


  • Provided microphone quality does not match the amplifier’s performance.
  • Maximum 20 Watt output may be insufficient for larger venues.
  • Some users might desire more effect options.

Having recently had the chance to put the Coolmusic Acoustic Amp through its paces, we’ve gathered that it’s incredibly user-friendly. The dual channels come in handy when we want to sing and play guitar simultaneously—no need for multiple setups. The natural and adjustable sound achieved through the 3-band EQ truly lets us tailor the output to various musical styles, and we’ve found the reverb effect perfectly augments our acoustic guitar’s tone.

Practicing with this amp has been a breeze due to its Bluetooth capability. Streaming backing tracks from our devices directly through the amp enriches our solo performances and practice sessions, demonstrating its practicality. Despite its lightweight design, the amp doesn’t compromise on durability. We’ve been impressed with its rugged build, handling transport to and from gigs with no trouble.

As we dove deeper into the immersive experience this little powerhouse provides, we did notice that while it’s quite effective for smaller indoor venues or personal sessions, its 20 Watt output won’t shake the rafters in a large auditorium. Therefore, while it excels in intimate settings, those playing to larger audiences may want to consider alternatives with more power.

In conclusion, the Coolmusic Acoustic Amp offers a blend of portability and functionality. Its ability to deliver a clear and crisp sound, coupled with useful effects, makes it a solid choice for musicians looking for a reliable amp for small performances and practice. Its shortcomings are few and mainly concern the provided microphone’s quality and the inherent limitations of its power output, but these factors don’t significantly detract from what is overall a versatile and commendable piece of equipment.

Fender Acoustasonic 15

Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amp

We find the Fender Acoustasonic 15 is the perfect junction between portability and rich acoustic sound, ideal for small venues and home practice.


  • Delivers a clear and natural acoustic sound
  • The built-in chorus effect enriches tone
  • Extremely portable for musicians on the go


  • Limited volume might not suffice for larger venues
  • Some might need more control over tone shaping
  • Lacks the bells and whistles of more complex amps

Our firsthand experience with this little marvel revealed its highly intuitive interface, perfect for those moments when we want to set up quickly and start playing without fuss. Its lightweight body allowed us to carry it effortlessly from gig to gig.

Sounds emanating from the Acoustasonic 15 are impressively pure and warm, especially given its compact size. Our guitar’s tones were amplified with clarity, and having a dedicated mic input was a godsend for intimate vocal accompaniments.

During our test, we particularly enjoyed the smattering of spatial depth provided by the onboard chorus effect; it created a fuller, more atmospheric sound that significantly enhanced our performance.

However, playing outdoor events or larger rooms highlighted its volume limitations, reminding us that it’s best suited for more personal, cozy settings. Though we couldn’t experiment much with sound customization, the amp’s simplicity was sometimes an asset, streamlining our setup process.

Ultimately, if your journey finds you serenading small audiences or seeking a fuss-free amp for your home studio, the Fender Acoustasonic 15 will serve you well, striking a balance between functional simplicity and reliable quality.


COOLMUSIC Bluetooth Acoustic Amp

We recommend this COOLMUSIC amp for any acoustic player needing a compact and versatile option for both practice and street performance.


  • The rechargeable battery liberates you from power outlets, giving you 4-8 hours of playtime.
  • Its Bluetooth compatibility allows for easy accompaniment streaming, enhancing your practice sessions.
  • Dual channels with dedicated EQ enhance versatility, catering to both guitar and vocal inputs effectively.


  • The 30-watt output may not suffice for larger venues or outdoor performances where more power is needed.
  • Some users report a hissing noise, which could be distracting during quieter pieces.
  • Although portable, its nearly 10-pound weight might be cumbersome for some musicians on the move.

This COOLMUSIC amplifier’s wood construction isn’t just about aesthetics; it contributes to the warm, natural tone that’s essential for acoustic instruments. The amp’s 6.5-inch speaker delivers clarity that impresses, especially when considering its compact size. We’ve found it delivers a faithfully amplified acoustic sound that retains the nuances of the guitar.

We appreciate the flexibility this amp offers. With the ability to connect a guitar and a microphone simultaneously, it becomes an all-in-one solution for a solo artist. The EQ adjustments on the microphone channel prove particularly useful when we fine-tune our vocal presentation alongside our guitar.

The built-in Bluetooth capability transforms our practice sessions. We stream backing tracks and easily play along, giving us a more rounded musical experience right from the get-go. It’s also quite handy for casual music listening, turning the amp into a multi-purpose device.

For those of us who often venture outside or find ourselves away from power sources, the convenience of a rechargeable battery cannot be overstated. Fitted with a large-capacity battery, this amp requires only a 3-hour charge for hours of reliable use. This feature alone makes it a steadfast companion for buskers or those needing the freedom to perform anywhere.

LyxPro 20W Amp

LyxPro Electric Guitar Amp

After testing the LyxPro 20W amp, we recommend it for its clear sound and functionality, especially for beginners and practice settings.


  • Easily dial in your desired sound with user-friendly controls for gain, bass, treble, and volume.
  • Practice at any hour using the headphone jack without disturbing others.
  • Durable design with rubber corners provides reliability for frequent use.


  • May lack the power needed for large performances.
  • The limited wattage might not satisfy those looking for more robust volume levels.
  • While adaptable, the sound quality might not meet the expectations of professional musicians.

Upon unboxing the LyxPro 20W amp, we were impressed by its compact and sturdy build. The sunburst finish gives it a distinctive look that would appeal to any guitarist looking to add a bit of style to their practice space.

Using the amp right away is a breeze – just plug in and you’re ready to go. The controls are intuitive and offer flexibility, great for crafting anything from a light, clean melody to a more distorted rock sound. There’s even an aux input to jam along with your favorite tracks.

Having used the amp in various settings, we appreciated its portability. It’s light enough to carry to a friend’s house for a casual jam session. The rubber corners not only prevent it from slipping during use but also seem to add a level of durability to the design.

JOYO MA-10A Acoustic Amp


We believe you’ll be intrigued by this amp’s portability and versatility, suitable for cozy practice sessions and light outdoor playing.


  • Remarkably lightweight and portable for musicians on the move
  • Dual channels allow for greater tonal variety
  • Can be battery operated, making it perfect for outdoor usage


  • The 10W output might not be enough for larger or noisier environments
  • Bass response may not be as pronounced due to compact size
  • Limited volume control can be a drawback for those needing to fill a larger room

Our recent hands-on experience with the JOYO MA-10A Acoustic Amp left us pleasantly surprised. Its compact build is a dream for those with limited space or who often venture outdoors. You can effortlessly slide it into your backpack and head out for an impromptu jam session.

Despite its small size, the amp carries dual channels, which means you can switch between a bright or a more mellow, normal setting depending on your mood or the genre you’re playing. This versatility was impressive during our testing.

Battery operation adds a layer of convenience, not tying you down to a power source. This feature came in handy when we took our music to the backyard. However, if you’re looking to perform in front of a crowd or alongside louder instruments, the MA-10A might struggle to command attention.

It’s also worth noting that while the bass tones were adequate for practice sessions, those seeking a deep, rich bass might find the MA-10A somewhat lacking. This didn’t detract from our casual playing, but it’s something to consider if bass is a focal point for you.

All in all, the JOYO MA-10A offers a great deal of flexibility and convenience for its size, and we found it to be a solid companion for individual practice or small acoustic sets.

Buying Guide

When selecting an acoustic guitar amp, we should first consider the size and portability. Determine the venues where you’ll be playing to ensure you choose an amp that’s easy to transport and fits the space.

Size & Power

  • Small Venues: 10-30 Watts
  • Medium Venues: 30-60 Watts
  • Outdoor or Large Venues: 60+ Watts

Features to Consider

Tone Quality

We must not compromise on tone quality. Look for amps that offer a natural and clear amplification of the acoustic sound without coloration.

  • EQ Controls: Essential for shaping the sound.
  • Built-in Effects: Reverb, chorus, and delay can enhance the sound.
  • Feedback Suppression: Crucial for managing sound in live settings.


A good amp should provide us with a range of connectivity options.

  • Inputs: Multiple inputs allow for additional instruments or microphones.
  • Outputs: Useful for connecting to PA systems or recording devices.
  • Bluetooth/USB: For backing tracks or direct recording.

Construction & Durability

The build quality ensures the amp’s longevity and reliability.

  • Cabinet Material: Should withstand regular transport.
  • Speaker Protection: To avoid damage during performances.

By focusing on these aspects, we can make an informed decision when choosing the best acoustic guitar amp that suits our needs without getting swayed by unnecessary features.

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