Nita Strauss: Taking The Guitar World By Storm

Nita Strauss has carved a distinct niche for herself as an accomplished American rock musician, renowned for her dynamic performances and technical precision on the guitar. Born on December 7, 1986, she has risen to prominence as a touring guitarist for iconic acts such as Demi Lovato and Alice Cooper, showcasing her skills on stages across the globe. Strauss’s influence extends beyond live shows, as evidenced by her being the first female signature artist with Ibanez guitars, a testament to both her talent and her role as a trailblazer in the guitar community.

Beyond her collaborations, Strauss also thrives as a solo artist, displaying her virtuosic guitar playing through her own compositions that resonate with fans worldwide. Her presence is ubiquitously felt across multimedia platforms, from the high-energy music videos she releases to her engagement with fans on social media platforms like Facebook where she regularly updates followers on her latest projects. Her ability to connect with audiences through her music, online content, and merchandise has solidified her position not only as a musician but as a brand.

Acknowledged for her contributions to the rock and metal scenes, Nita Strauss is frequently featured on the covers of respected print magazines such as Guitar World and Guitar Player. This recognition serves as a nod to her skill and dedication to her craft, while also inspiring a new generation of guitarists who see in her a role model and a representation of success within the music industry.

Nita Strauss Taking The Guitar World By Storm, hurricane nita

Early Life and Career

Nita Strauss became a prominent figure in the music industry through a combination of innate talent and unwavering dedication to her craft. Her early exposure to music laid a foundation for a career that would see her become one of the most recognized guitarists in contemporary rock.

Formative Years

Born on December 7, 1986, Nita Strauss hails from a musical family which undoubtedly influenced her early passion for music. She picked up the guitar at a young age and swiftly progressed from innate curiosity to profound proficiency. Her pursuit of musical excellence was relentless and clearly driven by a deep-seated love for her craft.

Breaking Into the Music Scene

Strauss’s professional journey began earnestly when she started performing with various local bands, allowing her to hone her skills in a live setting. By integrating her dynamic playing style, she quickly made a name for herself as a gifted artist. Her break came when she joined the famous rock act, Alice Cooper’s touring band, as a lead guitarist, cementing her status as a force to be reckoned with in the rock music scene. This opportunity opened up doors to work with other prominent musicians and propelled her into the spotlight where her talents received broader recognition.

Joining Alice Cooper’s Band

Nita Strauss, celebrated for her prowess on the guitar, officially became part of Alice Cooper’s band, bringing her remarkable talent to the ensemble known for its theatrical rock performances.

Touring with a Legend

Strauss joined Cooper’s band and embarked on touring schedules that would introduce her to vast audiences worldwide. She aligned with Cooper’s vision, contributing to the live shows that have been a hallmark of the band’s legacy.

Learning from Alice Cooper

Working alongside Cooper, Strauss has not only shared the stage with the rock legend but has also absorbed the intricacies of performing in a high-caliber show. Her experience with the guitarist role within Alice Cooper’s ensemble has honed her skills, both musically and theatrically.

Solo Endeavors

Nita Strauss has made significant strides in her career with the release of her solo albums, leveraging crowdfunded resources to produce music that magnifies her prowess as a guitarist.

Controlled Chaos

“Controlled Chaos” represents Nita Strauss’s debut as a solo artist, released in 2018. The album is a collection of instrumental tracks showcasing her intricate guitar work and dynamic compositional skills. The creation process was supported by a successful Kickstarter campaign, illustrating her ability to galvanize her fanbase towards achieving her artistic goals.

The Call Of The Void

The sophomore album, “The Call Of The Void,” evidences her growth as an artist and features a blend of instrumental pieces with songs incorporating vocals. Details about this album were incrementally revealed through each single release, leading up to the comprehensive reveal of an album enriched with a diverse range of vocalists, projecting her versatility and widening her musical horizons.

Kickstarter Campaigns

Strauss’s engagement with her fanbase through Kickstarter is notable. Her campaigns for solo projects like Controlled Chaos have not only met but often exceeded their funding goals. This demonstrates a robust support system and reflects the trust and expectations her audience places in her solo endeavors.

Collaborations and Guest Appearances

Nita Strauss has gained recognition not only for her solo projects but also through her diverse range of collaborations and guest appearances with other artists and on various albums.

Working with Other Artists

Strauss’ collaborations extend to performing alongside notable artists such as Demi Lovato, where she demonstrates her versatile guitar skills. Her ability to merge her unique style with different genres makes her a sought-after musician for live performances and recordings.

Featuring on Albums

In her album endeavors, Strauss has contributed with guest vocalists and musicians, adding depth and variety to her work. The involvement of individuals like David Draiman of Disturbed and Anders Fridén, who provide their distinctive vocal elements, showcase her commitment to delivering powerful and dynamic tracks.

Guitars and Equipment

Nita Strauss, recognized for her ferocious playing style, has a notable collection of Ibanez guitars, which she wields with precision and flair. Her equipment roster showcases the collaboration with Ibanez, resulting in signature models that capture her multi-faceted approach to guitar playing.

Nita Strauss, recognized for her ferocious playing style, has a notable collection of Ibanez guitars, jiva10

Signature Ibanez Guitars

Strauss’s partnership with Ibanez has led to the creation of signature models that blend performance with aesthetic appeal. These instruments are tailored to her specifications and serve as a testament to her status as a premier guitar player. Specifically, the Ibanez JIVA10 Signature guitar embodies Strauss’s dynamic playing with its deep cutaways and versatile pickups, enabling a range of sounds from clean melodies to heavy riffs.

  • Ibanez JIVA10 Signature:
    • Body: Mahogany with Quilted Maple Top
    • Neck: Maple/Purpleheart
    • Pickups: DiMarzioÂź Pandemoniumℱ

Guitar Hero Mentors

Over the years, Nita Strauss has drawn inspiration from a legion of guitar heroes. She has often mentioned the influence of Steve Vai, whose partnership with Ibanez has resulted in some of the most iconic signature guitars in rock history. Additionally, Strauss has shared her admiration for fellow Ibanez players like Orianthi, who has performed with renowned artists such as Michael Jackson, and Jennifer Batten, also known for her work with Jackson. These guitarists have not only shaped Strauss’s playing style but also her approach to tone and gear selection.

  • Influential Ibanez Artists:
    • Steve Vai
    • Orianthi
    • Jennifer Batten

Impact and Influence

Nita Strauss has significantly shaped the landscape for female guitarists, setting a high bar with her technical prowess and recognition in the rock world. Her journey has been both inspiring and decorated with notable achievements.

Inspirational Female Guitarist

Strauss’ role extends beyond that of a skilled musician; she stands as a beacon for aspiring female guitarists. Having risen to prominence through her involvement with The Iron Maidens, the all-female tribute to the legendary band Iron Maiden, Strauss has shattered the glass ceiling in the male-dominated genre of heavy metal. She has been instrumental in proving that gender does not define talent, earning respect from her peers and encouraging other women to pursue their passion in music.

Accolades and Recognition

Over the years, Nita Strauss has accumulated a series of accolades that underscore her impact on the music industry:

  • She Rocks Awards: Celebrated for her contributions, Strauss was honored at the She Rocks Awards, which pays homage to women who have set new standards in the music industry.
  • First Female Ibanez Signature Artist: A crowning achievement as a guitar hero was becoming the first female Ibanez signature artist, joining the ranks of legendary guitarists like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

Media and Public Appearances

YouTube and Social Media

Strauss has capitalized on the digital arena by maintaining a robust presence on YouTube, where she shares both her music and insights into her life as a professional musician. On social media, she engages with her fans by sharing behind-the-scenes content and updates on her latest projects, connecting with a global community of guitar enthusiasts and music fans.

Sports and Video Games

Strauss’s shredding guitar skills have transcended music venues, aligning her with notable sports and gaming events. Notably, she performed at WrestleMania, providing an electrifying soundtrack to Shinsuke Nakamura‘s entrance, cementing her status in the sports entertainment landscape. Moreover, her association with the Los Angeles Rams is highlighted by having designed a custom Super Bowl ring, symbolizing the fusion of her musical prowess with the sports world.

Furthermore, Nita Strauss has demonstrated her versatility within the gaming industry by contributing her musical talents to the soundtrack of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Her collaboration with the video game sector adds a dynamic layer to Strauss’s media footprint, appealing to fans of high-intensity gaming experiences. Additionally, her participation in promotional activities for Heroes of the Storm demonstrates her appeal across various media formats, further showcasing her broad reach and influence.

Personal Life

Nita Strauss maintains a balance between her dynamic public persona and a more grounded personal life, which includes her relationships and activities beyond the stage.

Nita Strauss maintains a balance between her dynamic public persona and a more grounded personal life

Family and Relationships

Josh Villalta is not only Nita Strauss’s manager but also her partner, playing a significant role both in her career and personal life. Together, they navigate the complexities of the music industry and share their life’s journey. Strauss’s dedication to her family is a core aspect of her life, offering her a strong foundation of support away from the limelight.

Life off Stage

When not electrifying audiences with her guitar skills, Nita Strauss engages in activities that reflect her passions and interests outside of music. Whether it’s by advocating for physical fitness or investing time with loved ones, Strauss’s off-stage life is marked by a dedication to personal growth and maintaining meaningful connections. Her commitment to a balanced life underscores the importance she places on health, well-being, and personal fulfillment.


Nita Strauss’s discography is a testament to her skills as a guitarist, including works with various bands and her own solo projects. Engaging in a diverse range of musical endeavors, Strauss has made significant contributions to heavy metal and rock music.

Albums with Bands

  • The Iron Maidens

    • She earned recognition as a member of The Iron Maidens, an all-female tribute to Iron Maiden, contributing to the guitar tracks that captured the essence of the original band.
  • Femme Fatale

    • Within the band Femme Fatale, Strauss added depth to their sound with her dynamic guitar performances.
  • LA Kiss

    • During her time with the LA Kiss musical backing group, her riffs and solos amplified their shows.
  • We Start Wars

    • As part of the band We Start Wars, she helped establish a sound that blended melody with the ferocity of metal.
  • The Starbreakers

    • With The Starbreakers, Strauss continued to showcase her versatility and command of the guitar.

Solo Releases

  • Controlled Chaos
    • 2018 marked the debut of Strauss as a solo artist with the release of her album “Controlled Chaos,” demonstrating her prowess in composing and performing her own music.

Tours and Live Performances

Nita Strauss demonstrates her prowess as a touring guitarist through her dynamic live shows and global tour destinations. Her talent has made significant waves in rock music, particularly exemplified in her role with the all-female tribute band, Femme Fatale, and her original band, Summer Storm.

Global Tours

Femme Fatale allowed Strauss to cut her teeth on extensive international tours, where she honed her skills playing for rock crowds worldwide. Later, with her own band, Summer Storm, Strauss established a solo touring presence, traveling across continents to bring her electrifying guitar performances to eager fans. Her global tours have not only expanded her reach but also solidified her reputation as one of rock’s formidable guitar talents.

For instance:

  • Europe: Headlined major rock festivals, connecting with the European audience through high-energy sets.
  • Asia: Have drawn significant crowds appreciating the blend of technical skill and stage presence.
  • North America: Continues to regularly traverse the continent, delivering shows that showcase her latest material and guitar virtuosity.

Notable Live Events

Strauss has a reputation for memorable live events, whether as part of notable bands or special performances. One such event includes her live debut with Demi in July 2022, which was broadcast on a popular late-night television show. This event highlighted her adaptability and versatility as a musician.

Recent solo performances are equally noteworthy. Fans of Strauss can find her upcoming tour dates and live event information on various platforms like Ticketmaster and Bandsintown, where her headlining 2024 tour schedule is listed, emphasizing her continual presence on the live music circuit. These events are not only a testament to her commitment to touring but also serve to connect and energize her audience.

Future Projects and Ambitions

Nita Strauss has a spectrum of new endeavors and goals within the music industry, reflecting a strong ambition to innovate and lead in her field.

Nita Strauss has a spectrum of new endeavors and goals within the music industry

Creative Ventures

Nita Strauss’s creative process is continually evolving, as she seeks to push the boundaries of rock music. Her dedication to crafting an emotive and powerful sound is evident in her latest work, The Call of the Void. Having shared on Full Metal Jackie‘s radio show, she brings passion and an unyielding drive to her projects. This album showcases her skill and could signal further exploratory collaborations in the realm of rock and beyond.

Aspirations in the Industry

Her aspirations in the music industry reach far beyond just creating albums. Strauss aims to impact the industry by working with inspiring figures, such as Marty Friedman, whose pioneering work she admires. The zeal Strauss possesses for her work in rock music drives her to seek opportunities that go past traditional roles, perhaps encompassing production, mentorship, or fronting initiatives that empower other women in the industry.

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