Guitar Chords & Scales

The Guitar Chords & Scales section is focused to the fundamentals of guitar playing. You’ll discover articles & advice on how to master the many chords and scales that are vital for any guitar player.
This area is your go-to resource for improving your playing and growing your musical knowledge, with everything from major and minor chords to pentatonic and blues scales.

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A m Guitar Chord 101: 3 Easy Ways To Play

The A minor (A m guitar chord) is an essential chord for beginner guitar player and those seeking to expand their chord repertoire. It is widely used in various music genres, including…

Dm Chord

Easy Ways to Play The Dm Chord!

The Dm chord on guitar is a minor triad made from the notes D F A. Dm is the abbreviation for D Minor; another way to abbreviate it is Dmin or D-.

a sus guitar chords

A Sus Guitar Chords Made Easy!

If you know how to play an A major chord, learning the Asus guitar chords is easy! The Asus 4 chord has the notes ADE and the Asus2 has the notes ABE.

Easy F Guitar Chord

Easy F Guitar Chords For Beginners

The F chord is made of the notes FAC. There are many ways to play the f chord, but the open position is the best way for a beginner to learn. Read more…

guitar chord esus

Learn The Guitar Chord Esus

The guitar chord Esus is a suspended chord. Esus refers to the chord Esus4. Suspended chords replace the 3rd of the chord with the 4th scale degree.

guitar chord g7

Learn The Guitar Chord G7

The guitar chord G7 is made of the notes GBDF. Dominant 7 chords are built from a major triad and a minor 7th. They are also called major minor 7th chords.

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